Full Version: AB and CRASH
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Player you are reporting: [P]rah
Date of incident: 08.06.2015
Time of incident: 12:34 AM +5 GMT
Your Ingame name: Aidana_Jade
How was this rule broken?: He was flying and crashing all players
Evidence to support your claim: and I lost connection
Note: I was playing there and we got crashed, we also tried to kick him but we couldnt cuz everytime we join the game we got crash and it sux
Player to be banned thanks for reporting.
unfortunately we have a bug on the server that makes engineers boxes invisibles, and really does look like they are flying.
I'm just telling you to be careful when you report a player, look carefully.
I am not saying that is the case.
Oh no! He was flying Im telling the truth, plus I got crash so many times when he was ingame and many players got crash, there were 2 friends of mine, Ugh I should rec it but never mind too late -_-
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