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The Warriors are those whom decide to fight, giving their lifes to the war, never focusing on losing their lifes, those whom lost blood on fight, and drinks enemy's blood. Being a Warrior you accept the responsability of fighting for the others, be loyal to your group and giving everything for the clan.

What is this?
The Warriors is a new clan. We all know we don't have a Clan System in our server, but we don't need it, and this could make the game a little more interesant. This clan will set some rules between the members. We will have our own Member List, make small events, have ranks, and how knows? Maybe we can buy a VIP for the ''Month Member'' (An Idea in construction).

How to Join? What do I get if I join?
You have to apply using the right format, and ''filling up'' the requeriments, that information will be found in other thread. As you know, and as it was mentioned before. We don't have a clan system, and we don't have /pay command. So, XP won't interfer in Clan's businness. This clan it's just for fun, identify in a group, win some reputation between the members, and being a little group of friends, but in a formal way.

Does this have a purpose?
This doesn't have a purpose of farming XP nor anything like that. This is for making the server more fun, (or at least try it) and making ''updates'' by ourselves, so it will be more interesant. And hoping people be more interested in playing in Beta Server.

How is this going to work?
It won't be easy without those tools as Payday (First server) or a gang chat. So, It must be mentioned that, the clan will be only in forum, with rules in game and forum. I mean, we won't have any kind of commands, it's only (for third time) for fun.
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