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The Management of Warrior's clan[W]

  • Announcement and Information is moderated by [W]Brian_Richard[Anh], [W]Easier and [W]Captain
  • Clan Applications (Accepting and Denying) moderated by [W]Brian_Richard[Anh], [W]Captain
  • Moving threads is duty of all forum moderator
  • Updating New rules and the Member List is duty of Easier and [W]Brian_Richard
  • Clan applications (Open/Close) are moderated by [W]Brian_Richard
  • Approving of threads, promotion and demotion is duty of [W]Easier and [W]Captain
  • This Thread can be only edited by Rank 6 Members.
  • If you have posted any thread within prefixes, just use this
  • You are free to use [W] or not. Using it will make you look better in front of the Warriors' Clan Community.

Updating ...
Update 27-12-2016
  • Removed Malilol of the Moderators Team...
  • Jaivignesh has been added to the Moderators Team
Update 17-feb-17
  • Jaivingesh has been removed,Reason: Being banned from Forums.
New updated 25-03-2017
  • Added [W]Captain to the list
  • [W]Easier and me sometime are inactive or we need more time to learn then i have changed some duties.
Updates 05-May-2017
  • Changed and updated new management
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