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After some time Talking the clans will be now managed in a more efficiently way , so New policy's have been added.

New Clan's Policy's
  • Official Clan's Must Have all of their thread's updated(within a week) .
    Example: if they got a new member in their lines they must update the member list.
  • Official Clan Owners/Co-Owners/Members must follow all of the server Rules , Rulebreaking Clan's will be closed.
  • Official Clan's will have to follow all of the requeriments constantly , from now on if they don't fullfill them the clan will be closed out.
  • User's Cannot vote in clan Applications.
  • If the user want to make their gang a official gang supported by the server , they have to be owners of that gang in game.
  • New Clan's cannot copy any of other's clan design's / tag's / especial feattures unless you are allowed by the one who made that featture.
  • Clan's cannot be a copy of other's server's clans , that will lead to a total deletion of the clan.
  • If the clan's Owner left the server , he has to leave the Ownership to another member of the clan , he will have 1 week to choose a new owner otherwise the clan will be closed down.
  • If the clan Owner is Permanently Banned without the right to do an unban appeal , the clan will be Closed Down.
  • The official gang's needs to have at least one leader with +800k otherwise the gang will be closed out.

All the clan Owners have to read and put read & understod in this thread no doing so will lead the clan to ble closed out.
Wait.... What?
(10.12.2016 18:18)AlCatOnito Wrote: [ -> ]Wait.... What?
as the policy's says you have to reply "Read and understood" and follow all of these policy's
Read & understod.
Read & understod
Update: All clans have 1 week from now on to fix their clans and make them follow these policy's
I didn't read & understand anything.
(10.12.2016 19:19)Danya_Laims Wrote: [ -> ]I didn't read & understand anything.

then say bai to your clan then. fulllfill them or no clan.
I've read it every word and I understand this new clan policy's.
(10.12.2016 19:19)Danya_Laims Wrote: [ -> ]I didn't read & understand anything.

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