Full Version: Reporting [uL]rayj [Advertise via PMs]
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Player you are reporting: [uL]rayj -PLACE-YOUR-TEXT-HERE
Date of incident: 11/1/17 -PLACE-YOUR-TEXT-HERE
Time of incident: 11:57 AM -PLACE-YOUR-TEXT-HERE

Your Ingame name: Trix -PLACE-YOUR-TEXT-HERE
Other witnesses involved: .Banned. ( Nero ) -PLACE-YOUR-TEXT-HERE

Rule broken: "Do not advertise other servers"
Quote:-PLACE-YOUR-TEXT-HERE - Find the rule here (ENTIRE rule must be pasted)
How was this rule broken?: By posting ip. -PLACE-YOUR-TEXT-HERE

Evidence to support your claim: -PLACE-YOUR-TEXT-HERE
Other notes: nothing. -PLACE-YOUR-TEXT-HERE

Nightmare Bjergsen .SnapPy. ToXi Slasher Eduardof Focu89
Funny, it wasn't advertisment. I told you to come on the server so I can rekt you in duels (which I did), because this server skin detection does not register all the shots. Also if this is the case of advertising, you should report yourself for trying to get me to join an already over populated server. Nice try to get me banned tho.

Also before you even attempt to report anybody, make sure you post the chat log. I send that ip to you and too you only.
I wasn't immature like you posting IP etc, I just said the server name. But you on the other hand, were posting IP of the server which isn't allowed.
Lord is right, but this time I will let it slip away.

Hope this would be the last time, cause there will be no second chances.
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