Full Version: Chainsway aka Giviko
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Player you are reporting: Chainsway (Giviko)
Date of incident: Today.
Time of incident: Today.
Your Ingame name: Desert_Eagle
Other witnesses involved: Players.
Rule broken:
Quote:Ban evading
How was this rule broken?: He is ban evading which he should not. Even he is giviko the most rulebreaker in the server.
Evidence to support your claim: Screenshots below.
Other notes: Hope he get banned.

Proof 1: Timezones (Coincidence? I think not.)

[Image: BJHCVoz.png]

Proof 2: Same biography (Coincidence again? mm)

[Image: T9ikNGr.png]

Proof 3: He doesn't know how to take a screenshot by pressing F8 (Another coincidence?)

Thread suggestion by Chainsway: Click here

Suggestion screenshot by Chainsway:
Spoiler :
[Image: Nle1N8X.jpg]

Screenshot: Ban appeal by Giviko: [spoiler][Image: EOVOYxP.jpg]

Thread Ban appeal By Giviko: Click here

Proof 4: He sold a lot of vips, that's what giviko did to get more xp without killing.

Proof 5: He gets nervious when Al_Saher said: You're giviko, ban evader.

[18:16:57] [~Outlaw~] [Op]Al_SaheR: ah aimbo

[18:16:57] [~Outlaw~] [Op]Al_SaheR: ah aimbot

[18:16:57] >> [dF].DarkKiller. has been infected by john_yousef!

[18:16:57] {FFFFFF}[OOC]{FFD700}(VIP){00CCCC}[OOC]SexyAlbert{FFFFFF}(9): pon payt y listo

[18:16:57] [~Outlaw~] [Op]Chainsway: lolll

[18:16:57] [~Outlaw~] [Op]Al_SaheR: shadap giviko

[18:16:57] >> jumento_celestino has joined (ID 35) (Player 1410423)

[18:16:57] >> As a Human, you must survive. As a Zombie, you must kill humans.

[18:16:57] [~Outlaw~] [Op]Chainsway: lolll


[18:18:08] [~Villain~] [Op]Panda: hahahaha

[18:18:09] [~Outlaw~] [Op]Chainsway: lol me no giviko (Why he is saying that? Maybe he is nervious?

[18:18:13] [~Outlaw~] [Op]Al_SaheR: u giiviko

I think those proofs are clear, and hope this guy get banned again as he did alot of bad things here, doublethreads, insulting ,massive multiaccounting, ban evading, hacking.
Well someone told me about this, I was going to check if their IPs match, but I totally forgot it
Anyways he's banned now thanks you for your catch!
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