Full Version: [dF]InfectedEyes' AFK to avoid death
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Player you are reporting:[dF]InfectedEyes
Date of incident: Today
Time of incident: Today
Your Ingame name:[V].Beerus.
Other witnesses involved: Maybe [OOC]Oriana
Rule broken: Don't afk to avoid death
How was this rule broken?: He went afk to avoid death two times
Evidence to support your claim:

[Image: RNyUuwu.png]
[Image: BJeubVF.png]

When I died he wasn't afk anymore, typical

[Image: vpc0gdm.png]

Other notes: dF hires cowards now ? lel
im sorry
i wont do it again

i afk because my mother called me im sorry
You did it twice, that "won't do it again" better keep it for yourself
im sorry

in the 2nd time,my mother called me again because he wants me clean my mess

im really really sorry
Yeah mere coincidence that happened just when you were doing the cure animation and I was attacking you, sure I'm a fool and I'll believe you
its a timing that my mother called me
i have a proof my neighbor that is a player on this server know when i was called

what will i do to forgive me
The proofs are clear,at the SS we can see the moment when the player get afk and after Beerus died,he came back from it.
after analyzing the screenshots,a decision has been taken...
The user [dF]InfectedEyes will be banned temporary for 10 hours from the server.
Ofc,taking care about his XP IG.
This will affect your application to helper.

Pending to be closed & archived.
Ran out of excuses mr.infected ?
iits real but i accept it

i have no luck in applying to helper Sad
The user has been banned,guys stop replying here please.

Pending to be closed & archived.
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