Full Version: Arntor Spawncamping.
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Player you are reporting: Arntor
Date of incident: 27/02/2017
Time of incident: Right now.

Your Ingame name: CrimsoN
Other witnesses involved: Me and other players (from the SS).

Rule broken:
Quote: No camping near zombie spawn / No spawn killing.
How was this rule broken?: Arntor shoots and kills zombies on the spawn zone (including AFK players), moving constantly and waiting for them to respawn.

Evidence to support your claim:
Other notes: -
Well,at the SS i didn't saw any thing about SpawnCamping.
Maybe the second Screenshot looks like he was near to ZS point,but he wasn't even near to the spawn zombie.
He didn't cross the line and it can't be considerated as SC.

Report denied: The player wasn't doing Spawncamping

Pending to be closed & archived.
It's hard to make this kind of report with only SS, next time im going to record it.
Thanks for your reply Kira.
Closed as requested by kira.
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