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[b]In game Name:[/b]
[b]Name of Forums[/b]
[b]Inactive Reason:[/b]
[b]How Long?:[/b]
[b]When Will I Be Back?:[/b]

In game Name:[SHERI]
Name of Forums Desert Eagle
Inactive Reason:Board Exams
How Long?:just 2 weeks more
When Will I Be Back?:after 2 weeks
b]In game Name:[/b]Jaivignesh
Name of ForumsJaivignesh
Inactive Reason:Exams
How Long?:15 days
When Will I Be Back?: 31/3/17
In game Name:[RD]ian
Name of Forums: ian ian
Inactive Reason:school-And other Problem Smile
How Long?: 5day
When Will I Be Back?:1week
In game Name: Samp
Name of Forums [W]Samp
Inactive Reason: Lot of guests have visited my house, my grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt, cousin OMG
How Long?: 999999 years ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
When Will I Be Back?: 999999 years ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
In game Name: captain0078
Name of Forums: [W]Captain
Inactive Reason:well my pc got Rekt soo will buy new pc and i wont be that active on forum
How Long?: umm 1 month?
When Will I Be Back?: idk migh come back soon after i buy new pc!

PS:i am back Now Soo i will do my work
In game Name:BlacKilleR
Name of Forums[W]BlacKilleR
Inactive Reason:exams stuffs also i had some problem in sv1 probably will cause ban mirror of me Smile i will try my best to solve it before it fuck up .also they are a lot of haters there just try make a story and make me part of it however i didn't joined community since last month also my class mate ali-soulaiman invited me here so i appreace his effort
How Long?: 1 month
When Will I Be Back?:guys understund i this international exams that mean all my country of my school level did the sames exams at same time see you 20-06-2017
Good luck bro
ty mate
In game Name:Devil231
Name of Forums[DK]Necromancer
Inactive Reason:i will inactive for my school coming
How Long?:hmmmmm i think long im high school grade 10 so im really not online
When Will I Be Back?:Summer March or december i will online at december but i will offline if the christmas is done

Cya i will inactive first and i will play SV2 forever SV1 is really suck because of i get banned by abuser admin
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