Full Version: [BMW]Stalyn reporting to u #3
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Player you are reporting: [Pk]Bull[Z] - [Pk]Duff
Date of incident: Yesterday and 12th August 2017
Time of incident: At the night

Your Ingame name: [OOC]Stalyn[BMW]
Other witnesses involved: Nobody

Rule broken: 1-.Intulting 2-.Team kill
How was this rule broken?: 1-.The first one (Bull) started to insult a guy for nothing 2-.The second guy (Duff) evacuated and started to burn the other players evacuated

Evidence to support your claim:[Pk]Bull[Z], the admins who speak spanish will understand [Image: HnLVuj4.png] [Image: bxHWify.png]
Other notes: The case of the first guy there's no admin present, the case of the second guy the admin did NOTHING
[Pk]Bull[Z] will be tbanned for 10 hours [Reason: Disrespecting]
And Duff will be verbally warned IG about the TeamAttack.

Closed and pending both punishments to be issued.
Punishment(s) issued
Complaint archived.
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