Full Version: Bug Abuse - m0w.fuhrer
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Player you are reporting: m0w.Fuhrer
Date of incident: 20:00 Mexico's Time
Time of incident: Today. (12/08/17)

Your Ingame name: [TL]UzekeUr[LW]
Other witnesses involved: All the server saw it

Rule broken:
Quote:1. Don't use any cheats.
Don't use any cheats which gives you any advantages or/and advantage.
Punishment: permanent ban.
Quote:2. Don't use any mods.
Mod modifies your files in GTA SA folder and it can give you any advantage.
Example: parkour mode, ped.ifp, infinity run and others.
Exceptions are texture mods.
Punishment: permanent ban.
Quote:No bug abusing
How was this rule broken?: Bug abuse and possible Health Hack or Fly Hack
Well, I'll explain how happened all.
I selected the class adv. enginner and then I put the boxes So this player was climbed the boxes up to top.
I destroyed the boxes but this player was still flying.
Later of that 3 or more "slender's" fright him and He not lose health any

Evidence to support your claim:
Other notes: nothing

[Image: N6ctwhH.png]

Reported User's Ban Historial:

Reported User's behavior:
(the Worst - Bad - Normal - Good - Perfect)


Reported User's Historial Of Names:
Raulda_Chikara will now be known as m0w.fuhrer

Reported User's Historial of all of his ban with his previous name's:
Raulda_Chikara - Anti-Hack - 7th of July 2017 03:46:17 - Permanent - Fake Kill


in Your proofs we can see a class of fly hack, but, in my opinion, maybe this is a bug
Check This:

Your proofs to me aren't "enough" So, wait a Manager

Thanks for Reporting.
Okay, But He don't lose "Hp" by the Slenders.
He should lose "Hp" even though he is Bug
What do you think about this?
[Image: IBFUPdS.jpg]

After reviewing and considering all comment and provided proofs.
We come to a conclution that m0w.Fuhrer is:


Conclusion is derived on the basis of following points.
In-Sufficient Proof(He is bugged- And bugged players dont lose HP.)

Hence, On the basis of Server Rule Severity we have decided following Punishment/Sentence for him:

Player Complaint Management Team

Note: You have right to contact Higher Management Team against decision Or Request the Player Complaint Management Team for Reconsideration/Re-Open the case for further discussion if un-satisfied with conclusion.
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