Full Version: TmK.rEd reporting [RU].Sea_Monster[KZ] (Blocking)
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Player you are reporting: [RU].Sea_Monster[KZ]
Date of incident: August 13, 2017
Time of incident: 3:59 (Pakistan Standard Time)
Your Ingame name: TmK.rEd
Other witnesses involved: None.
Rule broken:
Quote:14. You are not Allowed to help any Human as Zombie and Vice Versa by anyway.(intentionally).
Punishment: tban.
How was this rule broken?: He was blocking the way to help his friend [RU]Gamer[KZ], the screenshots are self explanatory.
Evidence to support your claim:
[Image: Capture.png]
[Image: sa-mp-171.png]
[Image: sa-mp-172.png]
[Image: sa-mp-173.png]
[Image: sa-mp-178.png]
Other notes: None
[RU].Sea_Monster[KZ] will be tbanned for 15 hours [Reason: Blocking the way to help friend]

Closed & punishment pending to be issued.
Punishment issued

Complaint archived.
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