Full Version: HAcker
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Player you are reporting: gatomia
Date of incident: today
Time of incident: in the vid

Your Ingame name: Minh[TL]
Other witnesses involved: -PLACE-YOUR-TEXT-HERE

Rule broken:
Quote:-PLACE-YOUR-TEXT-HERE - Find the rule here (ENTIRE rule must be pasted)
How was this rule broken?: hack
Evidence to support your claim:
[Image: IBFUPdS.jpg]

After reviewing and considering all comment and provided proofs.
We come to a conclution that gatomia is:


For breaking following "SERVER RULES"
Flying/Jump hack

Hence, On the basis of Server Rule Severity we have decided following Punishment for him:
Permanent Ban

Player Complaint Management Team

Note: You have right to contact Higher Management Team against decision Or Request the Player Complaint Management Team for Reconsideration/Re-Open the case for further discussion if un-satisfied with conclusion.
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