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Release 7

- Now you cannot use knockback in duels
- Automatical caps lock off is added
- Anti fakekills system improvements
- Fixed bug with Slow Zombie
Release 7-1

- Anti-fakekill improvement
- Fixed EXP bug
- +1 admin cmd
- Gun Jammer get EXP for his abillity now
- Fixed improper display of settings
- Bug with Slender Zombie (Wrong Interior Change)
Release 8

- Anticheat improvements
- Bug when Flesher could infect repeatedly
- Bug when a player could have grey color
- Bug with animation's textdraw which haven't been disappearing after spawn
- Bug when you could be infected in duel

Release 8-1

- Anticheat improvements
Release 8-2

- Anticheat improvements
- Now you can see player's id in gang chat
- Fixed bug abusing with animations when you could survive after falling
- Added check for kamikaze and screamer to prevent abusing at the spawns
- Other small bug fixes
Release 8-3

- Anticheat improvements
- Other small bug fixes
Release 9

- Added: Athlete Class, Roller Skater Class, Businessman Class, Nurse Class, Copier Class, Undertaker Zombie Class, Zombie Bee Class, Adv. Policeman Class, Scavenger Class, Mirror Zombie Class, Fly Zombie Class

- /changename free for newbies now
- /changename has the limit 24 hours
- Balance improvements
- Adv. scout bug should be fixed
- Assist killing system is added
- Added random writting and quizs
- Added /r command to reply on incoming private message
- Spitter Zombie is nerfed
- Black screen fix when player could avoid it by TAB
- Evac message is changed a bit + sound
- Anti-caps is improved
- Players can get /stats by double clicking on player's name in TAB.
- Anticheat improvements
- /votekick improvements (Kicked player cannot log in within 5 minutes + IP banned)
- /report cooldown is added
- Redesigned Gun Jammer's and Human Queen's fields to make a field more effective
- You get a notification when you open a new class
- /class has new design
- Zombies get more EXP for killing humans
- Blocking message system when a player reports a cheater in the chat
- Minor bugfixes

Report any suggestions, feedbacks, issueses about above suggestions to me in PM.
Release 9-1

- Radioactive Zombie is nerfed
- Adv. Engineer#2 infection bug is fixed
- Anti-Spam is added
- Anticheat improvements
- Writting quiz bug is fixed
- Event System is added
- Joker Zombie bug is fixed with negative scores(Joker Zombie can't influence on low-EXP players now)
- Anti-Ping System is changed to work more accurately
- EXP logs is changed.
P.S. Now it displays taxed EXP(not total)!
P.S2. Also it is more informative.
Release 9-2

- Added: Advanced Seeker, Zombie Supporter
- Bug with /changename when you could change to banned name(It automatically unbans now)
- Radioactive Zombie has undisable field now
- Zombie Boss bug is fixed
- Fixed issue with knockback
- Security Updates
- Minor Bugfixes
Release 9-3

- Only zombies can use anims now
- Adv.Seeker has got new ability
- Attachments has got size limit
- New cmd /unstuck
- Fly Zombie bug is fixed
- Gun Jammer's field is nerfed. Now if you touch a field, you will loose weapon control for 20 secs.
- Fixed bug when you could respawn as a zombie on some maps(like "Lights, Camera, Action!")
- Added prevention for players who uses AFK to avoid damage
- Anticheat improvements
- Security Updates
- Optimizations
- Bugfixes
Release 9-3-1

- Anticheat Fixes
- Attachments were fixed
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