Full Version: [SOU].Shino. :-)
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Name of the game: [SOU] .Shino.

Name in the forum: [A] seSino ..

Spanish level: (1 - 10): 10 - 10

Why do you want to join SOU? Because for me it's the best gang, and I do not regret having entered. With good members, bosses and sub-managers ....

What do you expect from SOU? I hope it remains the best gang, and that it continues to grow, with its members who are super good.

tell us about yourself: well, I'm 16 years old. I like to help people, sometimes I get angry for anything. And my behavior could be said to be not good, but it's not bad either.

Screen of your statistics: (You can do it using F8 or press "Print Pant PetSis")
Good Players Big Grin
Denied clan hopper, copy theard. Closed
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