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gang ban bug - idkyou - 11.01.2017 17:14

Bug Description:gang ban
What does the bug do?:we cant ban players from the gang
Explain how that bug affect the server:idk but we cant ban players from the gang
Proofs/Screenshot of the reported bug:well i have explanation about it
i have just used /gang ban on someone after 5 min he request again to the clan and i thought someone unban him from the clan and after some minutes i tried it with @[.SnapPy.] i used /gang leave and told him to /gang ban me and he did that but i still can join the clan back without any problem


RE: gang ban bug - idkyou - 21.01.2017 16:57

@[Rainbow] is it fixed now?

RE: gang ban bug - idkyou - 04.03.2017 20:50

@[Rainbow] wont you fix this?

RE: gang ban bug - Rainbow - 13.03.2017 20:06

(04.03.2017 20:50)idkyou Wrote:  @[Rainbow] wont you fix this?

It should be fixed.