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[MUST READ] Guide for Tagging/Quick Connect/BB Code/Mouse Freeze/Image Upload
25.01.2016, 03:17 (This post was last modified: 29.11.2017 06:00 by Dangerous.)
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Guide for Tagging/Quick Connect/BB Code/Mouse Freeze/Image Upload
1. Guide for Tagging
Spoiler :
Hello once again! It's me and my tutorials! This time, it is a simple tutorial to users that don't know how to tag. So it's a tagging tutorial.

1. Syntax

The syntaxis is simple for tagging. It is
@[User you want to tag]

For example:
@Lithium (I'm putting it without the []tags because it will actually tag the person and this is just a syntax. Pretend it had the tags. :P)
Will produce Lithium.

2. Another way of tagging

You can use another way instead of the one that I explained in the 1. before. This one being tagging by their forum UID (User ID).
But, UID? What is that? How do I know the UID of somebody? Simple.
When you go to somebody's profile, look at the url. In this case, I went to Herzog's profile.
[Image: 5yagly.png]
The number at the end of the url (in this case 3894) is the UID, now that being known...
@3894 (Same as above, no tags. Just a syntax.)
Will produce Kindless.
This comes in handy when you want to tag any user that has tags in their name. Like [L]aim[S]. @[[L]aim[S]] won't work. Instead, use Laims' user ID if you want to tag him in any post.

3. How to know if I was tagged?

You will get a forum PM with the title "You've been tagged".
[Image: 44284261d8.png]
(Thank you Lithium)

The PM itself contains a link that redirects you to the link of the topic you've been tagged in.
[Image: f685ef8139.jpg]
(Thank you Lithium again)

2. Guide for BB Codes
Spoiler :
Hello everyone, this will be my second tutorial, and it's related to forum BBCodes! So everyone can get to know about them and do some fancy posts after looking at this. Blush

IMPORTANT: Obviously you have to put the text between the BBCodes. Otherwise it won't work.

1. Bold, italic and underlined text.

For bold text, the BBCodes are [Image: 29dtmac.png] respectively.
-For example: Bjergsen

For italic text, the BBCodes are [Image: 35injhh.png] respectively.
-For example: Bjergsen

For underlined text, the BBCodes are [Image: 99dnh0.png] respectively.
For example: Bjergsen

2. Color, size and font.

To put color on your text, the BBCodes are [Image: 2larlc.png]
List of hexcodes (over 500 colores in hex), click me.
-For example: [Image: 2jblfmc.jpg]
Will be <3
-For the hexcode example: [Image: 2hea3b5.png]
Will be <3

For text sizes, the BBCodes are [size=parameter] and [/size] respectively.
The parameters are: xx-small, x-small, small, medium, large, x-large and xx-large.
Examples of the size BBCodes:

[Image: 2rmukci.jpg] will be:

[Image: 14l3ub6.jpg] will be:

[Image: kf5qww.jpg] will be:

[Image: 5lo1s9.jpg] will be:

[Image: sl2phv.jpg] will be:

[Image: 91fjex.jpg] will be:

[Image: wi3pyo.jpg] will be:

For custom font on your posts, the bbcodes are [Image: 2prg0ad.png]
Examples of fonts:
[Image: 2wcirv9.jpg] will be:

[Image: 209oayh.jpg] will be:

3. Text aligning

The text aligning BBCodes are [align=parameter] and [/align]
Parameters are: left, center and right.
Examples of text aligning:



4. Quoting.

You can quote users' posts with the following BBCodes. [Image: 15o88d1.png]
The parameter here, is the user in question that you want to quote.
An example on quoting:
[Image: 35kqu61.png] will be:
Bjergsen Wrote:TSM

5. Images.

To put images on forum messages, the BBCodes are [Image: 3310gwg.png]
For example: [Image: 225px-AseIQoUT.jpg?version=a995e2dd238fc...9962b394f3]
(The link of the image is too long, you get the idea of the BBCode, right?)
Also, additional info on this thread.

6. Spoiler and code.

To get spoilers on your posts, the BBCodes are [Image: 1zbqic3.png]
For example:
[Image: 2h7zz4j.png] will be:
Spoiler :

Code BBCode is mostly used in formats (Like ban appeals, player complaints, etc.) and the bbcodes are [Image: bgbcpd.png]
For example:
[Image: 2cfsbbk.png] will be:

7. Subscripts.

Subscripts can be used in certain occasions.
The BBCodes are:
[sub] and [/sub]

For example:
Will be: H2O
(Thank you Rainbow for this one.)

8. URLs/Linking.

I find this BBCode a great one in terms of "Click me" or "This thread" post situations. Anyways the BBCodes are:

For example: I want to link the "Darude - Sandstorm" video but I do not want to put the exact youtube video link. Instead I want to put a "Click me" that directs me to the actual video.
[url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6120QOlsfU]Click me[/url]
Will be: Click me

9. Youtube videos.

This BBcode is also useful, instead of putting the direct link of the video, you can put the actual video here, on a forum message.
The syntax of this BBCode is:
[Image: 2h55fzo.png]
For example: I want to put the video of "Darude - Sandstorm" on a forum message such as this one.
The syntax would be:
[Image: 30u8d2r.png]
And it will produce:

10. Lists

You can generate lists in a forum message, ordered lists or unordered lists.
The BBCodes of lists are:
[list] (or [list=parameter]), [*] and [/list]
The parameters are: a and 1.

The syntax of an unordered list is:
[*]1st Item
[*]2nd Item
[*]3rd Item
And so on... you can add unlimited items to a list.
For example:
Will generate:
  • Nightmare
  • DeaD
  • Vincent

The syntax of an ordered list is:
[list=parameter] and [/list]
And here, the parameter is used. As I mentioned before, the parameters are a and 1, those are used for numbered lists or alphabetical lists.
For alphabetical lists, the BBCodes are:
[*]1st Item
[*]2nd Item
[*]3rd Item
An example of an alphabetical list:
And it will generate:
  1. Bjergsen
  2. Slasher
  3. Matt

For numerical lists, the syntax is:
[*]1st Item
[*]2nd Item
[*]3rd Item
An example of a numeric list:
Will generate:
  1. Rebecca
  2. Shaw
  3. Sylarrii

11. Can I combine BBCodes?

Of course you can! Here I will show an example of BBCode combination.
I want to make an X-SMALL sized text with Courier font and blue colored.
The syntax of that would be:

And the result is:

And (I think...) that's all!
Please reply here if I missed any BBCode.

3. Guide for Quick Connect
Spoiler :
Hello guys, It's me KoRn.

I will show you how to create a samp shortcut to connect quickly to the server, follow the below steps!

step 1 :

go to your gta sa installation directory, look up for samp.exe, right click mouse button and properties then copy the line of the "target" field and add

step 2 :

open up notepad and paste the target line then do a space & paste
example : "C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\samp.exe" (Copy everything from "C till 7777) If your directory is default. if not then copy yours)

step 3 :

right click mouse button on the empty space on the desktop, from the menu that appears, choose "New -> Shortcut"

step 4 :

this will open the create shortcut wizard. it will ask you the location of the item you want to create a shortcut for, now paste the text from the notepad window then tap Next to continue

step 5 :

the next screen in the wizard will let you give your new shortcut a name, write down the server as an example, tap finish!

the result : fastest way to play the server.

additional tip : to connect to the even faster and skip loading screens, i recommened you to use "sa-mp fast loader" addon.

if you have any questions on this subject, please do not hesitate to contact me (PM)

4. Guide for Mouse Freeze Issue
Spoiler :
Recently a few of my friends asked me if I knew how to fix this problem, so I did a little research and I thought I'd share the solutions I've found with you guys. Personally the fourth solution worked for me, most of the people doesn't like downloading DLL files into their operating system so do at your own risk.
I also added a scan of DINPUT8.DLL through virustotal.com.
https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/d786 ... 375483512/

List of Solutions:

[Image: Untitled.png]

1. Disable multicore
In order to disable multicore go to (My Docs)\GTA San Andreas User Files\SAMP\sa-mp.cfg on your computer and open the configuration file via Notepad, disable the multicore option.

2. Windows XP compatibility Mode
Head to your GTA San Andreas directory, \Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas on your computer. Right click gta_sa.exe and Properties, now go to Compatibility tab. Then enable the following settings:
• Run this program in compatibility mode for: -> Windows XP.
• Disable visual themes
• Disable desktop composition
• Run this program as an administrator

- If the game crashes after you've done the aforementioned move to solution number three.

3. Disable Windows Event Log
In case solution number two isn't working for you and it makes your game crash, press the start button and type "services", in the Services list search for Windows Event Log. Double-click it and set "Start Up Type" to disabled, now restart your computer.

This solution is the only one that worked for me. Download the DINPUT8.DLL file (here) (Virustotal scan) to your computer and extract it, go to your game directory \Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas and paste the file there. This will change your mouse configuration only for GTA San Andreas. It will force the game to use the dll file within it's folder.

If the above isn't working for you, you'll have to mess with folder and file permissions on your Operation System.
In "C:\Windows\SysWOW64" (for 64bit) replace the "DINPUT8.DLL" file with the older one. Make sure to backup the original in case of errors. This will also impact other games that use DINPUT8.DLL!
In most of Windows 7 systems you don't have ownership of SysWOW64. In order to take ownership go to "C:\Windows", right-click on SysWOW64 and go to Properties, click Security and then Advanced, go to the Owner tab and press Edit, select yourself and make sure to enable "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects" then hit Apply & OK.

Clarifying some questions regarding the file;
Quote:The DINPUT8.DLL is a Windows file, when you are copying it to your GTA SA directory it will force the game to use the .dll file within it's folder instead of the one at SysWOW64. This file has nothing to do with SAMP-DM or it's rules & regulations.

5. Win32API
Evading a bug that the mouse isn't useable on some environment by using not DirectInput8 but Win32API. credits goes to Fuc/Munchies for pointing this solution out for me, this works for 32bit users.
Download mousefix.asi
• Reading ASI files needs ASI Loader.

5. Guide for Image Upload
Spoiler :
Taking a Screenshot and Uploading it to the Web.

After noticing through Ban Appeal's the amount of people struggling to take a Screenshot of their San Andreas Directory, I thought I'd try and help with regards to the problem by showing a tutorial in steps of how to take a print-screen and then upload it and so on. Hopefully those who will struggle uploading Images should get referred to this Thread so they can take a look up-on it and know how to sort out things. Completing all these steps will only take an estimate of 2-3 minutes.

1) Go to the page, directory or what-ever place you need to on your Computer which you'd like to take the screen-shot of then press PrtSc which is located somewhere on your Computer.

2) If you've got Windows 7 then Hit the Start Button and type in "Paint" Into the Search Bar or if you've got a different windows processing system then locate the Program Paint manually somehow.

3) Once you've opened up paint hit together "CTRL + V" which will paste the Image you took a Print-Screen of directly onto the program paint.

4) After you've pasted the Image go to the top left of your screen and you'll see a little blue floppy disk, Just click on it and it will prompt you to Save your Image at some place on your desk-top or where-ever. Whichever place you feel is the easiest to locate for the next-step then save the Image there.

5) When you've done this open up your Web Browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer) then type in the search bar "www.upload.ee and you'll be referred to a site which allows you to upload files/images.

6) In the center part of the site you'll see that it says "* Choose file:" Click on it and then locate the Image you had saved earlier on then click OK once you've located it. From this point the Image shall start automatically uploading.

7) Once the Image has been uploaded you'll see a Mini-Image of the Image you uploaded just click on it and then it will open up into full-screen mode. When it's opened up go up to where it shows the link of the page and just copy the link then paste it to the site which you'd like to. For example if you were to upload the Images for a Player Complaint then paste the link in that thread.


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25.01.2016, 08:11
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RE: Tagging.
Awesome and usefull kewl bjerg
*gives cookie*

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25.01.2016, 09:11
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RE: Tagging.

PS: Why Lithium !
I'm telling you, something fishy is going on !

"You're much shorter than my mom."
"Brat," she said, surprised into a giggle.
"That's no way to talk to a vampire."
"Bloodsucking brat."
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RE: Tagging.
(25.01.2016 09:11)Nightmare Wrote:  Sticked.

PS: Why Lithium !
I'm telling you, something fishy is going on !

Didnt you resign? wtf!
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25.01.2016, 12:27
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RE: Tagging.
(25.01.2016 12:01)[ModCPBackorRiot]Catatafish Wrote:  
(25.01.2016 09:11)Nightmare Wrote:  i'm so ugly

i like turtles

Didnt you resign? wtf! Potato is awesome
Ulliminati confirmed

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RE: Tagging.
Stop spamming. The hell.


"You're much shorter than my mom."
"Brat," she said, surprised into a giggle.
"That's no way to talk to a vampire."
"Bloodsucking brat."
"Better" he said.
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29.11.2017, 12:14
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RE: Guide for Tagging/Quick Connect/BB Code/Mouse Freeze/Image Upload
Guides aggregated...

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