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[MUST READ] Server Rules
12.07.2014, 23:40 (This post was last modified: 17.10.2016 13:35 by Dangerous.)
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Server Rules
1. Don't use any cheats.
Don't use any cheats which gives you any advantages or/and advantage.
Punishment: permanent ban.

2. Don't use any mods.
Mod modifies your files in GTA SA folder and it can give you any advantage.
Example: parkour mode, ped.ifp, infinity run and others.
Exceptions are texture mods.

Punishment: permanent ban.

3. Don't use any programs which violate working samp like dos, exploits, crashers and etc.
Punishment: permanent ban.

4. We are not responsible for your account.
Use safe password and keep it in secure.

5. Don't lend accounts which responsible for server.
Punishment: warning/removing a rank.

6. Don't flood, spam, advertise, insult.
Punishment: from a warning to a permanent ban.

7. Do not use a name which contains any bad information, words and etc. But u can use names like 143234 and so on.
Punishment: permanent ban.

8. We are not responsible for your account's details.
We don't refund any XP without proofs.

9. If you ask to change your nick, be sure that you have saved the screenshot of your stats before that.
We cannot restore your stats out of nowhere.

10. We don't refund any exp (from your gang or not) which you gave voluntarily.
We are not responsible for your thoughtless actions.

11. Don't lie and/or trick and/or blackmail others to get any profit.
From a warning to permanent ban.

12. We can remove your all account's details if you reached it by unfair way(Even if u earned 10% of all ur stats).
By using bugs, tricks, promises, fake kills and so on.

13. You are not ALLOWED to have hatefull, terroristic names of anything(gamename, clan name and so one).
Punishment: request to change it or permanent ban.

14. You are not Allowed to help any Human as Zombie and Vice Versa by anyway.(intentionally).
Punishment: tban.

Follow the rules in-game:
No spawn killing;
No team killing;
No shooting boxes;
No leaving map;
No bug abusing;
No AFK avoid attack;
No asking for XP or level;
Avoid the use of full caps when typing something in the main chat;
If you're disagree with some Staff Member make sure to report him in the right section using the right format;
Do not explode in the spawn zone (Kamikaze Zombie);
No spawn damage;
No camping near zombie spawn.

1. Bunny hoping.
2. Multiaccounting(For a game, not for draining EXP).
3. Be back to spawn point as a zombie(Not forbidden anyway).
4. Blocking evac way as a zombie with no animation or AFK.
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16.10.2016, 20:26
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RE: Server Rules
Updated & Added Rule #14.
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