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New rules.
10.10.2014, 00:32
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New rules.
1.- If you're from other server, no one cares. Only mentioning the server will be considered advertising and with this you'll get a ban.

2.- If you're disagree with some staff member, make a report. I want to suggest that don't make a thread talking shit about some moderator/administrator. Will be a warn and if this action is persistent shall be punished with a temporary ban.

3.- Now we've 2 new forum moderator: Calipornia and Hutch. From the start of this server (2011) our owners were trying to make an original server with their original ideas as well as they be able to. Preserving the real survival (most possible). Now we'll keep that work and if some suggestion have similar things to other servers it will be denied from our Forum Moderators.

4.- If someone come to the forum/server to make troubles will get a ban without some advertise.

5.- Now we'll more strict about the english skills to join or stay on the staff team. Our english speakers moderators/administrators can check it to say who's able to stay or not based in our requirements.

6.- Since now, administrators who don't reserve their rank will be downgraded 1 rank or failing expelled.

These rules will be applied from higher ranks.


Best Regards.
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15.10.2014, 12:24
Post: #2
RE: New rules.
hmm.. I wrote and have vanished. Very weird.
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08.03.2015, 23:27
Post: #3
RE: New rules.
Rules 1,3,4,5,6 outdated.

Rule 2 updated and added to "Server Rules" topic. Made by Lol_Noob

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