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[MUST READ] Newbie Guide
11.01.2015, 01:49 (This post was last modified: 09.05.2015 20:07 by Major Gucci.)
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Newbie Guide
[Image: tm9RqJ.png]]

Hello everybody, if you are currently reading this its probably because you new to the server and you are just looking to understand how this server works. Let me be one of the first people to welcome you the Zombie Apocalypse server.

In this server - you gain XP by getting kills as either a human or a zombie. Once you gain enough XP you can change your zombie type or your human class. Each class for either side is different depending on the amount of XP it requires. The more XP doesn't necessary mean that class is better. If you use the command '/class' you could see all the classes and choose them while in game. Both sides have their ability, weapon and XP requirement listed beside them. We currently have three human class categories and five zombie categories.
[Image: oC0Z7z.png]
Zombies: As a zombie, your goal is to take down the human population in order to win the map for your team. The beginner zombie gets the ability to use 'LEFT-ALT' to infect human players. After you infect a player, that players nametag becomes a reddish-pinkish color. This means that they are infected. While a human player is infected they slowly lose their HP until they are cured by a human paramedic or if they get lucky by picking up meat dropped by zombies when killed((Will be explained later on.)) Zombies also get a weapon, this weapon is called the 'CHAINSAW' which allows severe HP loss for the human player when caught on.

When zombies are killed, depending on the class - they drop meat. If they drop meat and picked up by other zombies, you regenerate from it.
[Image: G3tiNR.png]
Humans: As a human, your goal is to be able to defend yourself from zombies and be able to last through the round to be able to escape at the end. The beginning class for a human has a XP requirement of 0. They get a silenced pistol and a shotgun. You don't get much ammo from a shotgun but as I said from the beginning, as you level up you get different classes. One of the classes available after you level up to a certain point is called the "Heavy Supporter." If any are online at the time you can just give them a heads up on chat requesting ammo. If they are nice enough, they will supply you with ammo. The beginning human does not have a special ability.

When zombies are killed and drop meat, humans can pick it up to be sometimes cured if they are lucky by finding a antidote. Other times you may pick up the wrong meat from a certain zombie which could cause you to be infected.

[Image: 5QzVX3.png]

When an admin is on duty - their name is appeared yellowish in the game. They are not killable and they wear the staff skin. They are there to ensure no rulebreaking occurs on the server and to keep it fair for everyone playing. If you attack them there will be consequences.

Some CMDs you can use:
You can share XP or have your friends share XP using the command '/PAY' but do not be caught asking for XP or you may face consequences. A fun feature known as '/ATT' allows you to add objects to your character. It saves to the game but once you log out, you lose it

Note: Let me know if there is anything that needs to be updated or if there are any mistakes. I made this in quite a hurry so there may also be grammar mistakes

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