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[MUST READ] IRC Tutorial.
02.02.2015, 22:11 (This post was last modified: 01.07.2016 08:24 by Heisenberg_.)
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Information IRC Tutorial.
First of all, hello everyone and thanks for giving me this awesome opportunity of being part of the staff.

IRC is a very useful tool, you can ban from there, catch advertisers without going ingame, get chat logs (for proofs or important things), and more things.

First option: Mibbit.

Take this option if you don't want to download any program and just connect to IRC from your web browser.

1. Click here
2. As you can see in this image:
[Image: 24v5hj9.png]
-1. Your nickname.
-2. The channel you want to join, in this case #zombie.irc.
-3. The IRC server.
3. Click "server" and you'll see this:
[Image: 2556mw6.png]
Put eu.irc.tl like in the image.
4. Click connect.
5. After connecting, in the chat box write /ns register <password> <email>. ex: /ns register blahblah bjerg@idk.gg
6. You're registered on IRC.TL and done!
[Image: id82uu.png]

Second option: mIRC.

I find this option better IMO, it has more features than Mibbit.

1. Download mIRC (search it in google, "mIRC 7.32 cracked) and install it.
2. Once you have downloaded and installed mIRC, open it and you'll see this:
[Image: 2mmbors.png]
Just click continue the 2 times till it pops out.
3. After clicking continue you'll see this:
[Image: 2s9zmfp.png]
It's almost the same as mibbit, fill in your username and blabla. Then click "OK". Why not connect? Because you don't have an IRC server on your list yet.
A little explanation about the Alternative username.
Spoiler :
In "Alternative username" put whatever you want, It's for when you time out and your IRC session with your nickname doesn't log off you'll connect with your alternative nickname, example: I time out, I wait some seconds and I reconnect, my nickname will be "ILoveNess", if i didn't put an alternative username I wouldn't be able to connect to IRC, because the name "Bjergsen" IS ON IRC.
4. In the red marked chatbox write /s eu.irc.tl, then ENTER. That'll set your IRC server to IRC.TL (and you'll connect to IRC.TL obviously).
[Image: ie17b6.png]
5. After connecting, in the same chat box write /ns register <password> <email>. ex: /ns register blahblah bjerg@idk.gg
6. After registering in IRC.TL, write /join #zombie.irc
7. You're done!
[Image: 2ymbmmg.png]

Some notes:
-You need to do the same registration method on mibbit too (ONLY REGISTRATION METHOD). Don't forget to check your emails and activate your account!
-After registering, every time when you log off IRC then you log in again, you need to write in the chatbox /ns identify <password>
-For nicknames with tags, ex: [PSK]Bjergsen, I recommend to register without the tags.
-For too common nicknames that are already taken, ex: Sammy (I remember that happened to him lol), use /nick <newnick> to change your nickname.
-Registering is important, if you aren't registered, your IRC administrator rank (halfop/op/superop/owner) won't save.
-To talk to in-game players, use !say <message> ex: !say Hi!
-When you register, you need to go to your email and activate the account.
-To talk in adminchat, use !adm <message> ex: !adm congrats for your mod!
To Flo: Set my moderator rank pl0x :v
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29.04.2017, 17:38 (This post was last modified: 29.04.2017 17:39 by Mohammed.)
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RE: IRC Tutorial.
Second tutorial for mobile phones (credits to jaivignesh )

[Image: 40UxKSy.png]
[Image: 0nXjwG4.png?1]
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