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[MUST READ] Moderator Application INFO
11.03.2015, 14:42 (This post was last modified: 11.03.2015 14:45 by Armstrong.)
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Moderator Application INFO
Reasons why your application will be denied:

- Not reading the stickies: What NOT to execute to get hired, Posting in people's applications, Not being patient
- Got banned or temporarily banned while your application is even working.
- Asking admins about your application
- Provoking or insulting others.
- Copying from other applications
- Making another application after receiving the previous denied, without waiting for the re-apply duration limit of one month.


- How to be admin?
Never ever ask this query. I might once again add that asking will decrease your chance by 90 percent of becoming an admin. If you truly want to be an admin you have to be Active, mature, good in English, patient and experienced guy. We will never assume people who ask for admin. We just hand pick those who are capable of being an admin. You need to help out the new players and you need to demonstrate to us that you are a suitable prospect.
If you imagine you are ready and a worthy candidate, only then apply here for admin. Remember this, we review each and every application. Do not double post on it and so on Will decrease your chances of becoming an admin. If we don't reply on your admin app, that doesn't signify you are refused. That implies that we admins are discussing around your application. If we consider a lame and navy application, we will deny it on stack.

- I am accepted. Now what's next?
If you are doing well, congratulations. This is just your first step of becoming a Trial moderator. Don't remember you were hired completely. We will prove you and find out if you are capable in managing situations. We will see your maturates, your brain and your thinking. You will be given a Trial moderator level for testing. If you manage the job with perfection and in a mature way, you will be promoted very fast. Failure to do so will result in a demotion / fire.

- I am denied. Now what's next?
You are denied for a round. We will cite the reasons. Your task is to overcome those faults and fix your mistakes go away. Be the perfect applicant for your desired job position. One time you have done that and if you believe you are ready to re-apply, then only you can re-use. Remember to go through your application at least 3-4 times and then press the submit button. First preview it and then find out your mistakes. Check what have you done wrong. Remember, vocabulary also counts, so it's important that you cognize the correct vocabulary (English) for it. We don't accept other languages ONLY ENGLISH

Good Luck applying for Trial Moderator We also wish you the best of luck.
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