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[MUST READ] Refund Request Format
24.03.2015, 14:53
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Refund Request Format
Follow the format
The format has been created to structure your written report. It is common sense that the format must be filled properly, with all the respective questions answered in-detail. By that you are making our job a lot easier. If you fail to correctly follow the format in your report, your report will be Denied and archived.

Sufficient evidence
When filing in a refund request, you must always have solid evidence to support your report. Is it a video or screenshots, the evidence paints us a good picture of the bug and allows us to investigate it further to see if it is actually legitimate.

We always find out if you're lying, this may even prevent you from being allowed to post a refund request in the future because some people, actually lie to get xp and other items refunded for their own sake.

If you wish to get your old stats back, use the following format:

Note: Your stats won't be refunded if you don't have a strong proof. PROVIDE any evidence you have to back yourself up.

[b]InGame name:[/b]
[b]Date & Time of the incident:[/b]
[b]What do you want refunded?:[/b]
[b]How did you lose this item?:[/b]

Once the refund has been submitted, please be patient and a admin will sort the situation out, if its been refunded the admin who accepted it will PM with more information
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