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[MUST READ] About Admins
09.05.2015, 04:37 (This post was last modified: 09.05.2015 04:38 by Dexter.)
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About Admins
Well, I decided to create this thread to explain how we admins work to make this server a better server.
After you guys read this thread,i hope you understand more and have more calm when they refer to it.

About /report
Well, often I see many players complain when an admin not punish a player, saying that he did not see anything, and it ends up creating a strange friendship between the admin and the player.
What do I have to talk to you guys is that they have fairly quiet when they do this,Ex:when a player was using a TP hack,not spam in the chat ''ID 6 TP TP'', it ends up making the player off the hack, causing it to end up leaving unpunished.
first of all see if it's even a hack,and quietly use ''/report id reason'',we will quickly see if the player is actually using the reported hack and we will punish him.
I see too many complain also of the delay we have to punish them, what do I have to tell you is that we have to get evidence that this player is even using the hack reported.So please do not complain of delay.

Server without admins

First of all, calm down, do not complain when you're not admins on the server, we also have a life, like any one of you.
The /votekick it is quite efficient,helps punish players by votes,but it's still no reason for you thereby flood this command,but note that if you saw a hacker, get a evidence and come to the forum,go to ''Player Complaits'',here:, and follow the format.

Refund Requests
This issue has already been widely cited, but I put it here because it takes.
When you lose your XP or password within the game,make a refund request,here:, first of all follow the format, make sure that you really lost your belongs, see if you changed nick and everything, you have to take an evidence, we can not do anything without concrete proof that you lost it, we can not help you without proof.
After you do this, wait for the reply of some owner or manager so he can help you.
I recommend you take screenshots of your status.

Ban Appeals
for you to make a ban appeal is quite simple, first of all comes to honesty, speak the truth above all, do not lie about anything, then you make it will have to wait for the admin reply which banned you, he will come with the answer, and after the managers analize will say if you get a second chance.
If you lie on the appeal shall be denied.And by mistake.
and when you are unbanned we hope you change.
Ban Appeals here:

After you do anything related to your account, wait for a reply and we will help you as soon as possible.Dont flood in our PMs and respect us.

After reading this I hope you guys see what we do for you, we want above all you guys enjoy our server that has a united family.Smile
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09.05.2015, 06:03
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RE: About Admins
-sticked good job dexter.
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