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[MUST READ] [HOWTO] Upload an Image to the Web
25.05.2015, 08:56 (This post was last modified: 25.05.2015 09:19 by Major Gucci.)
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[HOWTO] Upload an Image to the Web
Taking a Screenshot and Uploading it to the Web.

After noticing through Ban Appeal's the amount of people struggling to take a Screenshot of their San Andreas Directory, I thought I'd try and help with regards to the problem by showing a tutorial in steps of how to take a print-screen and then upload it and so on. Hopefully those who will struggle uploading Images should get referred to this Thread so they can take a look up-on it and know how to sort out things. Completing all these steps will only take an estimate of 2-3 minutes.

1) Go to the page, directory or what-ever place you need to on your Computer which you'd like to take the screen-shot of then press PrtSc which is located somewhere on your Computer.

2) If you've got Windows 7 then Hit the Start Button and type in "Paint" Into the Search Bar or if you've got a different windows processing system then locate the Program Paint manually somehow.

3) Once you've opened up paint hit together "CTRL + V" which will paste the Image you took a Print-Screen of directly onto the program paint.

4) After you've pasted the Image go to the top left of your screen and you'll see a little blue floppy disk, Just click on it and it will prompt you to Save your Image at some place on your desk-top or where-ever. Whichever place you feel is the easiest to locate for the next-step then save the Image there.

5) When you've done this open up your Web Browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer) then type in the search bar "www.upload.ee and you'll be referred to a site which allows you to upload files/images.

6) In the center part of the site you'll see that it says "* Choose file:" Click on it and then locate the Image you had saved earlier on then click OK once you've located it. From this point the Image shall start automatically uploading.

7) Once the Image has been uploaded you'll see a Mini-Image of the Image you uploaded just click on it and then it will open up into full-screen mode. When it's opened up go up to where it shows the link of the page and just copy the link then paste it to the site which you'd like to. For example if you were to upload the Images for a Player Complaint then paste the link in that thread.

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