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[RESOLVED] Last Human
04.07.2015, 16:20
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Brick Last Human
In-Game Name:[DaRK]Zeus
Bug Description:Last Human bugged
What does the bug do?:Gives 25xp per kill
Explain how that bug affect the server:Unfair XP
Possible solution : --
Proofs/Screenshot of the reported bug:
The last human gets 25xp per kill. Also if a zombie kills the last human he will receive the 25xp. Just fix humans bug.

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04.07.2015, 16:30 (This post was last modified: 04.07.2015 16:33 by Dexter.)
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RE: Last Human
lol, that bug, i think Flo put when remain one human, and when this guy start kill, even though human or zombie, would get XP per kill.
it's as if all kill after remains one human get XP extra.

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04.07.2015, 19:26 (This post was last modified: 04.07.2015 19:26 by Flo_White.)
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RE: Last Human
yeah, fixed.
only the zombie who kills the human should get that exp Big Grin

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