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Fix this class please
19.07.2015, 09:31
Post: #1
Fix this class please
In-Game Name: Bear Nub

Bug Description: Advance Zombie fan
What does the bug do?: If you select this class after you spawn as human.. you don't have armour, and if you pick infected meat you'll get infected
Explain how that bug affect the server:
Possible solution : fix it
Proofs/Screenshot of the reported bug:

[Image: baking.gif]
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19.07.2015, 10:37
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RE: Fix this class please

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23.07.2015, 14:50
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RE: Fix this class please
Yeah the whole class got screwed up when it was added. I suggested it way different back then was supposed to have armour+immunity+heal from meat and lower chainsaw damage if all that is added it would be a cool class again.
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