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19.07.2015, 14:40 (This post was last modified: 19.07.2015 14:40 by Dexter.)
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/shop bug
In-Game Name: .Dexter.
Bug Description: the armour from the /shop says ''Anti-Shakerearth and Radioactive'' but the ''Anti-Shakerearth'' doesn't work. (Vincent helped me with this bug).
What does the bug do?: the armour from /shop don't give Anti-Shakerearth.
Explain how that bug affect the server: well, the players buy armour thinking that they will receive this utility.
Possible solution : fix this bug.
Proofs/Screenshot of the reported bug:

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19.07.2015, 19:26 (This post was last modified: 19.07.2015 19:27 by Sylarrii.)
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RE: /shop bug
That bug is pretty old i don't even think they should add anti-earthshaker because engineers just gonna buy it+anti seeker and are save every round.. that would be so annoying don't you think ?

Also thoughie human would be a bit useless since it's at higher xp than adv. engineer.
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