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[MUST READ] Ban Appeal Format. (Read me before posting)
19.07.2015, 17:07 (This post was last modified: 16.03.2016 03:28 by Casino.)
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Ban Appeal Format. (Read me before posting)
On this section you can make an appeal to be unbanned in the second server, after you make the appeal, our staff team will check who is right, and if you really deserve to be unbanned.

Before making the appeal, remember, be patient (do not spam in threads or in PM to staff members about your appeal), and the more important, tell us the truth, telling the truth you can increase your chances of being unbanned, do not be angry if you was banned for an admin's mistake or a server bug.

Format (from the first server): (You HAVE to follow the format or your appeal won't be discussed).

Thread subject:
(Your In-Game Name) - Banned By: (Banning Admin's Name / Server)

[b]Ingame name:[/b] -Write Here
[b]Banned by:[/b] -Write Here
[b]Ban Reason:[/b] -Write Here
[b]Screen-Shot of Ban:[/b] -(Image link in here)
[b]Screen-Shot of GTA-SA Directory:[/b] - (Only refer a link here if banned for hacks)
[b]Explanation of what happened:[/b] -

Wait for our reply on your thread, do not evade the ban and do not create multiple appeals.
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30.04.2016, 13:52 (This post was last modified: 30.04.2016 13:53 by Casino.)
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RE: Ban Appeal Format. (Read me before posting)
Note that: Do not make a ban appeal if you're just temporarily banned, UNLESS under these circumstances:
  • " It was a mistake, I will never do anything like it."
  • " I still haven't been unbanned after my temporary ban period is over. Help me! "

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26.10.2016, 15:18
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RE: Ban Appeal Format. (Read me before posting)
New rules: You MUST follow the steps below regardless of your type of hack, and the duration of ban. Failure to follow these steps will result in the extension of ban and you might not be unbanned AT ALL.

1. Delete cleo folder, including all the cleo-related files if you wish to be unbanned.

2. Post a screenshot of your GTA-SA Directory after you deleted those cleo folders and files so that we can make clarification so that you are 'clean' and not just fool us by saying ' I've deleted them. '

That's all, thanks.

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