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Anti-Spawnkill Bug
22.07.2015, 23:05
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Anti-Spawnkill Bug
In-Game Name: MatyTheWolf
What does the bug do?: WHen I was a zombie, I killed a human directly at a spawnpoint of the zombies and got killed+received a warning for 'SPawnkilling'.
Explain how that bug affect the server: Well, its a bug. And bugs aint good :3
Possible solution : Deactivate the anti-spawnkill system for the zombie team.
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23.07.2015, 05:33
Post: #2
RE: Anti-Spawnkill Bug
Happen to me once.
And please add spawn kill protection in the map that doesn't have one..
I think there are 1 map don't have anti sk..
And the new map.. the gate still won't open and human can't evac

[Image: baking.gif]
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23.07.2015, 14:51
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RE: Anti-Spawnkill Bug
Lol. that's weird. Never happend to me before.
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