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[MUST READ] [OOC] Requirements to Join | Application & Tutorial[Format]
31.10.2015, 09:00 (This post was last modified: 04.02.2017 20:30 by AlCatOnito.)
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[OOC] Requirements to Join | Application & Tutorial[Format]
OOC Clan Application & Requirements to Join & Tutorial

Tutorial created by AlCatOnito

  • You must not be a RuleBreaker.
  • Being good player.
  • To respect everyone.
  • Obey orders.
  • Follow rules.
  • Do not be racist.
  • Not to have belonged to more than 2 gangs.
  • Do not use hacks.
  • Have a minimum of 2K XP.
  • Tag [OOC].

Remember, if you don't have nothing of this, you can't join.

First, remember, you need to use the correct format (This)

[b] - What is your In-game Name:[/b] -Write here
[b] - Country:[/b] -Write here
[b] - Age:[/b] -Write here
[b] - Rate of your activity (1-10):[/b] -Write here
[b] - Since when you are member here?:[/b] -Write here
[b] - Who are the OOC Owner:[/b] -Write here
[b] - Name at least 5 OOC members[/b] -Write here
[b] - Who are the founder of OOC?[/b] -Write here
[b] - Tell us some OOC rules:[/b] -Write here
[b] - Have you ever been banned before? If so, Explain why:[/b] -Write here
[b] - Why do you want to Become an OOC Member? (50 words min.):[/b] -Write here
[b] - Why should we accept you?:[/b] -Write here
[b] -Post a screenshot of your game stats:[/b] -Post here

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25.09.2016, 17:24 (This post was last modified: 26.09.2016 00:10 by AlCatOnito.)
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RE: [OOC] Requirements to Join | Application & Tutorial[Format]
Updated 25/09/2016
Tutorial has been added.
New Requirement at Format.

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