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[MUST READ] Q&A about registering and activating your account
28.11.2015, 15:59 (This post was last modified: 06.07.2016 15:46 by Rainbow.)
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Q&A about registering and activating your account
Hi there, I'm Vincent - one of the current Managers
So as I can see so far that there are many of our users which are still a bit confused about the registration system
So I decided to make this Questions and Answers (Q&A) about this so you could understand how things work here.

Question 1: How do I register?
Answer 1: Basically, just click this link: register or you could press the big "REGISTER" button at the right top of the page and boom, you're there.

Question 2: After I registered, what do I do?
Answer 2: After that, you are our members! But, not officially yet.

Question 3: Then, what do I do to become an official member here?
Answer 3: It's easy, remember when you finish registering? There was a message popped up and said:

Thank you for registering on SAMP DM, Test(Vincent).
To complete your registration, please check your email for account activation instructions. Until you activate your account you may not be able to post on these forums.

And that means you could activate your account at anytime just by entering your yahoo or gmail's accounts and check the mailbox.

For example: [Image: Step%202_zpsxup5ucpu.png]

After you succeed to the message that we've sent to you in order for your account's activation to fully be done, this will be what it says:

Quote:SAMP DM <no-reply@sampdm.net>
To test@yahoo.com Today at 10:21 PM

To complete the registration process on SAMP DM, you will need to go to the URL below in your web browser.

(there will be a link here in your message)

If the above link does not work correctly, go to

(there will be a link here in your message)

You will need to enter the following:
Username: Test(Vincent)
Activation Code: (your code will be here)

Thank you,

Question 4: What's the difference between the first link and the second link in the message?
Answer 4: The first link will direct you straight back to here with your account activated automatically.
However, the second link will direct you to a box that requires your "username" and "activation code". And this method is only used in case if your first link isn't working properly, then you'd have to use the second link manually.
So enter your username and your activation code (it's in your message as well) then click enter, you're good to go, account activated!

Question 5: I've registered and stuff, but when I checked my mailbox, the activation message didn't appear to be there?
Answer 5: Be sure to check your spam folder and wait for a few minutes, if it still hasn't arrived, go to http://sampdm.net/usercp.php and press the "resend activation link" at the section "Your account summary". And there you go, wait for a bit and you'll receive the message, have a great day!

P/S: If you have any more questions, feel free to PM me, I'd be happy to answer them.

[Image: W8krmZSDxPIfm.gif]
[Image: qInlxAg.jpg]

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