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[MUST READ] Spawn Camping Elaboration
11.04.2016, 13:20 (This post was last modified: 10.05.2016 16:16 by Vincent.)
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Spawn Camping Elaboration
Spawn Camping is the most violated rule in the server. Some players, like new ones to the server, are naive to our server's Spawn Camping rule, meanwhile others do not have any idea where the zombie spawn boundary is so they often get punished. So this thread will try to explain what it is without difficulty in understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Spawn Camping?
A: Spawn Camping is staying near/on zombie spawn.

Q: Can I stay near Zombie Spawn even if I don't shoot?
A: No, zombies will run to you and try to attack you, even if you don't shoot them other players will. This is Baiting, you're making them leave their spawn by staying near ZS so you can kill them, even if you don't kill them other players will.

Q: What are the punishments for players that Spawn Camps?
A: New players are warned, if repeated they'll be jailed, meanwhile old players can get jailed, if repeated can result to a temporary ban ranging from 1 hour to 1 week.

Spawn Camping Areas
Areas marked in RED are areas in which you can be punished for Spawn Camping. Take note, other Staff Members can punish you even you're not in the red areas, this thread is just a guide to avoid being punished.

**WARNING: Large Images**

Spoiler: Village(0)
[Image: DAfXTLn.jpg]

Spoiler: Aircraft Carrier(1)
[Image: 92n3MwE.jpg]

Spoiler: Area 51(2)
[Image: uhzuWBi.jpg]

Spoiler: RC Zero(3)
[Image: EZT5U3X.jpg]

Spoiler: Street of Survivors(4)
[Image: P1NTzye.jpg]

Spoiler: LVPD(5)
[Image: xY9495e.jpg]

Spoiler: Ship(6)
[Image: l1vfJip.jpg]

Spoiler: Country Side(7)
[Image: O3C0SgP.jpg]

Spoiler: Ghost Town(8)
[Image: hHUPGIb.jpg]

Spoiler: Ghost Ship(9)
[Image: RB95U60.jpg]

Spoiler: Madd Dogg(10)
[Image: 4KsD9GJ.jpg]

Spoiler: Attack on planning dept.(11)
[Image: P6i8BVc]

Spoiler: SFPD(12)
[Image: mK2AW67.jpg]

Spoiler: Jefferson Motel(13)
[Image: VxLlbk1.jpg]

Spoiler: The Empty(14)
[Image: fF11A5a.jpg]

Spoiler: The Construction(15)
[Image: 3v4dY7v.jpg]

Spoiler: Baseball of Survivors..(16)

Spoiler: Was here a Qarthquake?(17)
[Image: EQ7sVuW.jpg]

Spoiler: By Police dept.(18)
[Image: YC6O2C4.jpg]

Spoiler: The Cube(19)
[Image: YC6O2C4.jpg]

Spoiler: Beach Apocalypse(20)
[Image: A3G2HeE.jpg]

Spoiler: Zombo Tech.(21)
[Image: IVcox6F.jpg]

Spoiler: Skate Park(22)
[Image: alh5lOm.jpg]

Spoiler: Under Bridge(23)
[Image: r9CobRl.jpg]

Spoiler: Zombie Blood Tennis(24)
[Image: KDk4nxP.jpg]

Spoiler: Airport Parking(25)
[Image: q6haRHj.jpg]

Spoiler: K.A.C.C. Military Fuels(26)
[Image: L3DZtbg.jpg]

Spoiler: Medicine Factory(27)
[Image: KGezgRd.jpg]

Spoiler: Galactic Mayhem(28)
[Image: TCaam6S.jpg]

Spoiler: The Bridge(29)
[Image: KVXKVJz.jpg]

Spoiler: Massacre in the train station(30)
[Image: IMyZ0Bl.jpg]

Spoiler: The End of TV Commercials(31)
[Image: loUwdvi.jpg]

Spoiler: Earth Village(32)
[Image: 77rgUu2.jpg]

Spoiler: The Umbrella Corporation(33)
[Image: 9yyQPWv.jpg]

Spoiler: The Underground(34)
[Image: Vu111ej.jpg]

Spoiler: Dark Carnival(35)
[Image: WwnixnU.jpg]

Spoiler: Sewer Madness(36)
[Image: NR6qbW9.jpg]

Spoiler: Water Canal(37)
[Image: 2fpwA2Z.jpg]

Spoiler: Mount Chiliad Base(38)
[Image: 2DDGYAy.jpg]

Spoiler: Villa richest People(39)
[Image: 3SO5F0F.jpg]

Spoiler: Lost Square(40)
[Image: P1NTzye.jpg]

Spoiler: Anti-Viruz(41)
[Image: 6jlOl1S.jpg]

Spoiler: Old School42)
[Image: yYlmwds.jpg]

Spoiler: Water Pipes(43)
[Image: a0YRl3G.jpg]

Spoiler: Hill Village(44)
[Image: rHAIu3g.jpg]

Spoiler: Sewers(45)

Spoiler: Dead Town(46)

Spoiler: Abandoned Coal Mine(47)

Spoiler: Woodbury(48)

Spoiler: Oil Factory(49)

Spoiler: The Last Stand(50)

Spoiler: Babylon Garden(51)

Any maps that aren't included on the list is either being judged if the rule applies on it or the rule does not apply on it at all.
The last 7 maps are clickable links due to the Forum's image limit.

Feel free to ask questions and I might answer them and add it up on the FAQ. Any additional information helps!

**Author's note: This thread of mine took an estimate of 30 hours to make, 10 hours each day for the past 3 days. I took time to collect each information possible in the span of 5 minutes each map. 5 minutes wasn't enough so I had to wait hours just to get back to that map. Hardest part was the editing. So I hope that you appreciate it.

Ps. This note will be removed once the thread is approved or stickied by either Nightmare or Daddy_DeaD **

[Image: DP9Jn0x.png]
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11.04.2016, 14:01 (This post was last modified: 11.04.2016 14:02 by Daddy_DeaD.)
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RE: Spawn Camping Elaboration
Deleted all posts and this post is going to be deleted soon, Anyway good job, If you feel free to update something please pm any manager/Lead admin , Closed.
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