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[DENIED] [NN]Souhail's Staff Reinstatement
26.06.2016, 16:03 (This post was last modified: 26.06.2016 16:04 by Sylarrii.)
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RE: [NN]Souhail's Staff Reinstatement
He got level 3 a long time ago, at a time where most of you didn't even play here, back then he was decent. Not the best manager and not the worst he had given the opportunity because others left the staff team. And DeaD could trust him and pretty much tell him what to do.

But you were inactive for the past I don't even know 6months now ? I saw you in the last 2-3 days in game for a bit. Especially yesterday but that isn't enough yet in my eyes.

On vincent reinstatement I said the same, don't make reinstatements before EVERYONE knows and sees that you are fully active again. Why didn't you wait a week or so, played every day posted a bit on the forum and then did this reinstatement ASKING FOR LEVEL 2 yes, not level 3 why ? so you can earn that rank again like everyone else.

I can't support you because of your inactivity. Exacms are no reason to never join the forum or ingame it's not like all you do is eat,learn,sleep the entire day. If you learn a lot it's actually bad to memorize things. You need to have a good balance between learning and breaks in between to actually remember shit you learn. Also on the weekends everyone has some freetime I'm not saying you should have joined and played for hours but like 1hour,30 minutes every 2-3 days would have been enough but instead you never did that.

So it's a negative, not because I don't like you or because I feel you would steal a post of someone else if you get your manager rank back, but because of that ridiculous high inactivity level of your past.


Good luck.

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29.06.2016, 12:23
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RE: [NN]Souhail's Staff Reinstatement
You were inactive even when you were a manager and got removed for that, then you post a reinstatement and you STILL show us that you're inactive, like, come on, if I was you I'd be checking this topic a lot, but by looking at your forum profile the last visit was on 27/06. (2 days ago)
This just shows that you're so inconsistent when it comes to activity in the forum/server. So...

I'll have to deny your reinstatement. Do NOT post another reinstatement, only if you are told to do.
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