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[IMPORTANT] Refund Policy.
08.07.2016, 13:46 (This post was last modified: 14.04.2017 19:50 by Rainbow.)
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Refund Policy.
Refund Policy.

Total Rules:
Quote:1. We Refund Cases with exp losses more than 999 EXP.
2. This Refund Policy is valid since 08M/01D/2016. We don't refund earlier cases.
3. We don't refund killstreaks.
4. We don't refund any exp (from your gang or your score) which you gave voluntarily.
5. We don't refund the stolen EXP. We only can ban the stealer.

Choose the form below according your case.
Types of Refunding:

1. VIP problem/refund:
If you've paid and you haven't got VIP. Or any other problems.
Game Account ID:
Type: (Paypal, QIWI, Yandex and other)
Date Of Payment:
Additional Info:

2. EXP Loss:
If someone has stolen your EXP, we won't refund you.
1) Keep your password.
2) Don't share your account with others.
3) Don't use cheats(It can leak your password).
Game Account ID:
Additional Info: (describe as much as possible)
Proof: (screenshot with /stats)(no proof, no refund)

3. Forum Account Loss:
Before posting, try to recover your password by mail.
Post only if you forgot forum password and mail's password
Forum Account: Name/Link
Additional Info: (describe as much as possible)
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14.04.2017, 12:31
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RE: Refund Policy.
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