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[IMPORTANT] Refund Policy.
08.07.2016, 13:46 (This post was last modified: 06.10.2016 20:03 by Rainbow.)
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Refund Policy.
Refund Policy.

Total Rules:
Quote:1. We Refund Cases with exp losses more than 600 EXP.
2. This Refund Policy is valid since 08M/01D/2016. We don't refund earlier cases.
3. We don't refund killstreaks.

Types of Refunding:

1. Password Recovery:
As the 4th rule says we may or may not refund your password on own desire. No give any guarentees that you password is going to be refunded. If you give to anybody your signed /stats, he will able to refund your password.

What do you need for a refund?
Quote:1. Screenshot with the signed /stats
2. Forum Account has dealt with your game name(even changed) earlier.(Ban Appeal, Player Complaints and other).
3. We may compare your game IP and forum IP. On Request.

2. Other.
Just put the type "Other" and we'll consider your case.

[b]In-Game name:[/b]
[b]Type of refunding:[/b]
[b]Date and time of loss:[/b]
[b]What happened:[/b]

[b]What and/or how much do you need refunded:[/b]
[b]Other notes:[/b]

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10.03.2017, 02:27
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RE: Refund Policy.
Okay sir i read it carefully Big Grin
[Image: 2OUy0hn.jpg]
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