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[MUST READ] New Reinstatements Policies.
03.10.2016, 21:50 (This post was last modified: 01.10.2017 09:52 by Dangerous.)
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New Reinstatements Policies.
New Reinstatement Policies

After the recent changes of some of the staff policy's we decided to also change the Reinstatement's policy's to make it easier for old staff members to reinstate , Policies:

  • If you have the Olds Forum Rank [Yellow Name] Your Reinstatement Will be accepted instantly but you will be in Trial Until you show you are fully active and ready to handle your old rank again.
  • If you don't have Olds Forum Rank [Yellow Name] You will need to first show us your activity then you will be allowed to do your reinstatement and after review it you will be accepted as trial to show your activity and we will decide when you are ready to reinstate.

Now let me explain the first point: well as you may know rank "olds" is now given to only those admins(Rank3+) that were useful, contributed and spent at-least one month at Rank3+ . But still they will need to take the second trial for showing they are still capable of handling the rank & showing they are really interested in the server.

The second one it's for staff member that got accepted and leave really fast without putting effort or didn't contribuited a lot in the server that's why they don't have rank olds and don't deserve more rights when making the reinstatements.


Regards, SAMPDM Management Team


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03.10.2016, 22:14 (This post was last modified: 03.10.2016 22:15 by Mohammed.)
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RE: New Reinstatements Policy's
Yes it's fair policy, and In my opinion we should give olds usergroup only to the admins that have reached Administrator rank (LVL2) ,what do you think if we do some changes in olds list and give that usergroup only to resigned Administrators?.

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04.10.2016, 02:03
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RE: New Reinstatements Policy's
Yeah we're gonna do that

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04.10.2016, 07:59 (This post was last modified: 17.09.2017 10:57 by Dangerous.)
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RE: New Reinstatements Policy's
Old usergroup will be issued to LEVEL2 + Resigned Staff Members only..

Edit: As new admin level(Level2 for Official Moderator) is introduced. Yellow colour will given to Administrator(Level3+) and higher rank holders only.
All lower rank holder have to reapply once MOD apps are open after resignation. Preference will given to old staff members over others.

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