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[ACCEPTED] Eduardof's moderator application.
15.10.2016, 02:39
Post: #11
RE: Eduardof's moderator application.
[Image: logo.jpg]
After discussion between Managment members and consideration of staff replies. We are happy to inform that your
application is ACCEPTED for Trail Moderator position.

You have successfully pass the first phase of process. Please complete following steps to
finalize it.

  • Contact any Level3+ staff member In-Game for IG rank.
  • PM Xaker for your forum rank.

Now onward you are abide by law of SAMPDM Staff.
Quote:You cant disclose any secret of Staff and its process.
You cant abuse/mis-behave with any player/staff.
You have to give priority to staff work over you game play...etc

Management Team

[Image: x7Eg1r4.png]
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