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[ACCEPTED] houndoom staff app
22.10.2016, 18:27 (This post was last modified: 22.10.2016 18:29 by houndoom.)
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RE: houndoom staff app
(22.10.2016 02:06)Dangerous Wrote:  1. Are you ambitious? If yes, plz explain in 200 words.

2. List 5 qualities required for being staff member. And expain each of them. Why they are so essential?

1. Are you ambitious? If yes, plz explain in 200 words.

Yes, I am ambitious cause I try to get more than what I already have and I strive towards it whitout giving up. I try to achieve goals that seem impossible for most people, but for me it’s a challenge that I’m gonna overcome and if I fail I will stand up stronger and try again every time, because I am determined in everything that I start and put so much effort in everything that I do. I have nothing to lose when I try something new. Also I have a different feeling than others when someone that is better than me at something fails, instead of giving up or retrieve I stand up facing the challenge and I tell it that here I am so try to come at me! There will always be someone who wants to see me fall and maybe I will but that doesn’t stop me from try again, and if by chance I find an easy path you bet I’m gonna take it. But even if the way is full of obstacles and dangers I am ready to face it, and the people who know me can tell about this for this i´m ambitious.

2. List 5 qualities required for being staff member. And expain each of them. Why they are so essential?

1: Be Strict: cause is the quality for punish the players who break the rules

2: Be mature: If you not take things seriously or are mature you can’t take fair decisions

3 Be responsible: if you aren’t responsible how can protect the server

4 Be attentive: if we aren’t attentive in the server or forum you can’t take care of the server

5 Be fair: You can’t be a good admin if you aren’t fair cause you have power but responsibilities too and you can’t be biased an example if 2 (with same xp) players are insulting and you are friend with one of them and you only a warn him and ban the other, that would be bad and unfair so this is a good point
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22.10.2016, 22:46 (This post was last modified: 23.10.2016 02:04 by Bjergsen.)
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RE: houndoom staff app
User has been warned for posting on moderator applications.
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23.10.2016, 18:56
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RE: houndoom staff app
[Image: logo.jpg]
After discussion between Managment members and consideration of staff replies. We are happy to inform that your
application is ACCEPTED for Trail Moderator position.

You have successfully pass the first phase of process. Please complete following steps to
finalize it.

  • Contact any Level3+ staff member In-Game for IG rank.
  • PM Xaker for your forum rank.

Now onward you are abide by law of SAMPDM Staff.
Quote:You cant disclose any secret of Staff and its process.
You cant abuse/mis-behave with any player/staff.
You have to give priority to staff work over you game play...etc

Management Team

"You're much shorter than my mom."
"Brat," she said, surprised into a giggle.
"That's no way to talk to a vampire."
"Bloodsucking brat."
"Better" he said.
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