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B0lt Staff Reintatements.
16.10.2016, 16:00
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B0lt Staff Reintatements.
In-Game Name: [V]B0lt
Timezone (GMT): +5
Age: 18

How long ago did you resign from the staff team?: Can't really guess,Maybe 2 months.

Have you ever been warned or banned in-game? since resigning from the staff team? If so, explain why: -

Have you recently been forum warned or banned? If so, why (last 2 months):-

Do you understand that you can be removed from the admin team at anytime with or without notice Could you repeat that? Yep

Have you ever been reported on the forums or in-game: -

Why did you choose to resign from the staff team? (50 words min.): Well There was no time for me to play Because of Studies and also Because of some Other Personal Problems,

Why do you wish to reinstate? (50 word min.):
Yesterday When I connected to the server there was a huge amount of Hackers who ruined the Gameplay and especially my ratio so I then decided to reinstate.

Do you wish to be re-instated as an admin (please only include if you were previously an admin/mod on SAMPDM) yep.

Served and got NOTHING.
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16.10.2016, 17:48 (This post was last modified: 16.10.2016 17:48 by Slasher.)
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RE: B0lt Staff Reintatements.
Fix the word limit if you really want to be back put Effort.
we will need to talk about you , since you got the colour but you resign as an official moderator.

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20.10.2016, 08:30
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RE: B0lt Staff Reintatements.
Closed as requested. Confused

"You're much shorter than my mom."
"Brat," she said, surprised into a giggle.
"That's no way to talk to a vampire."
"Bloodsucking brat."
"Better" he said.
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