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[ACCEPTED] RuthlesS App
17.10.2016, 14:26 (This post was last modified: 29.10.2016 19:54 by Nightmare.)
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RuthlesS App
- In-Game Name:[V]RuthlesS
- Country:Poland !
- Timezone (GMT): +1
- Age: 24
- Which server(s) do you play on:Main(if im going to apply here so this is obvious i play here.If i play on second server i will write here ......)
- Rate your activity (1-10):9
- Rate your English (1-10):8
- How long have you been a part of the Community:I've been started to play here since beginning of this server
- List of the previous names you have used: Only RuthlesS or with clan's tag as SS or V
- Have you ever been banned before? If so, explain why: Generally no but i had some bans but by mistake but it was a long time ago.
- What timezone you are active?(Time Zones are mentioned below): So if my timezone is +1 i can be active since 10am to 12pm.Sometimes i play since 8am to 5pm sometimes i play since 1pm to 2am
- Tell us a little bit about yourself (100 words min.): Well so im trying again.I guess most players know me so what i can say else?Im from Poland.I have 24 years old almost 25 because i was born in 08 11 1991.I have a dog three cats and sister.I finish my education and of course i working.I like to joke but i have distance for game.In my freetimes i like play here and shoot to ugly zombies or eat brains as zombie but sometimes i cant because humans are empty Big Grin.Im not a kid which must to become admin because want show powerfull like some guys which was kicked from staff member but im tired when i see too many cheaters on server and we cant normall experience guy so i think i can be very helpfull for u guys.
- Why do you want to become an administrator? (100 words min.): Because im tired to use everytime /votekick or spam in my private messege "Ruth id 69 cheater votekick him etc".Generally i really long wonder about to apply because my last application was denied but when i played since last week and some guys told me i should to apply again i understand i have to do .I played here since the beggining and i played in samp since 0.1b so i have knowledge about this game and i can be usefull.Im mad when i want normall play here with other players and we cant because some kids with no brain destroy server and votekick not always working for cheaters.
- Why should you be picked above all other applicants? (100 words min.): Generally thats why im applying here.Too many guys without any knowledge about samp and this server want become admin.Of course knowledge about game is not all but behaviour some people is not to accept.This is terrible.I saw too many wrong bans and we all saw that some guys should'nt become an admin so thats why i want help players.I guess some people remember me when i was admin and i hope they have good opinion about me.I was kicked by daddy_dead so we can answer ourselves about really reason....I think that if I become an admin does not disappoint you
- Are you an admin on (any) other server(s): only have some rcons in private servers
- Are you aware of the dark side of being a staff member: sure
Stats Screenshot (/stats): Oh almost i forget
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17.10.2016, 16:52
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RE: RuthlesS App
I recommend this applicant
+Acceptable activity
+Understandable english

[Image: 40UxKSy.png]
[Image: 0nXjwG4.png?1]
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17.10.2016, 17:19
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RE: RuthlesS App
Wew we have a same timezone, but here i can be 100% POSITIVE because you are mature, friendly,mature, and old here, you deserve you rank back, positive good luck bro

[Image: 4iTCQTB.png]
[Image: QZm6PbO.png]
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17.10.2016, 18:29
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RE: RuthlesS App
As i can see, your english is good, you are very active and ready for this position.
Support from my side, good luck and don't disappoint me.
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19.10.2016, 02:17 (This post was last modified: 19.10.2016 15:16 by Dangerous.)
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RE: RuthlesS App
I am having intuition that u r using translator.
Plz give 300 word paragraph about your country. And make sure those will be ur words.

[Image: x7Eg1r4.png]
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19.10.2016, 12:01 (This post was last modified: 19.10.2016 13:03 by RuthlesS.)
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RE: RuthlesS App
(19.10.2016 02:17)Dangerous Wrote:  I am having intution that u r using translator.

Im having intution that u are doing everything to close my app but ok here its my text

Poland is a country located in Central Europe. Here lives about 38 milions people.It has territory 322575 km(2) so density of population is 122 humans/km(2).Our neighbors are on west side Germany.On south side are Slovakia and Czech republic and on east side Poland's neighbors are Ukraine and Belarus.On north side our neighbors are Russia and Latvia and we have access to sea called "Bałtyk".The Cash in my country is "Złoty".The capital in my country is Warsaw.Other bigger cities are here Kraków Łódź Poznań Gdańsk in which im living.The highest mountian peak is "Rysy" 2499 meters.The largest lake is Śniardwy and the deepest lake is Hańcza with has 108 meters.The longest river in Poland is "Wisła" which flows from south side to sea "Bałtyk".In my country are four seasons and during summer middle of temperature is 25 degrees but in winter middle of temperature is -10 degress.Poland is a country of historical so we have a lot of monuments and thats why my country has a lot of traditions.First lord of Poland was Mieszko I and first king was his son Bolesław Chrobry.Generally official Poland was created 14 April 966 year when first lord was baptized.Since 2004 year Poland is a member of European Union and since 1999 year we are members NATO.In my country has 16 provinces.its like states but smaller.The emblem is a Polish eagle on a red background.Poland is a democratic country.The last President in my country was Bronisław Komorowski but since one year now is "Andrzej Duda' and prime minister is "Beata Szydło".Generally main religion here is catholicism.The most popular sport in Poland is football and propably u heared about the most talented and the richest footballer which is Robert Lewandowski.He is player of club Bayern Monachium.My country with Ukraine were organized tournament of football in 2012 year.In the last tournament in 2016 my team was defeated in quarterfinal by Portugal which are now champions. Also we have more talented sport athletes like ski jumper Adam Małysz or Runner Robert Korzeniowski or swimmer Otylia Jędzrzejczak.We have a lot of medals from olympiads.The last gold medal ha got Anita Włodarzyk from Rio.She made a new world record with throw hammer.Poland also has a lot of diffrent talented people like Fryderyk Chopin which was musician or Mikołaj Kopernik which was scientist.He proved that the earth circling around the sun.Other popular scientist is Maria Skłodowska-Curie which as only woman has got double reward of Nobel for discovery about radioactivity but her achievements have to pay with their life.Poland has a lot of famous writers like Henryk Sienkiewicz or Wisława Szymborska.Other famous Polish was Karol Wojtyła he was know as "Jan Paweł II" and he was a pope.Generally Poland is a beautifull country with nice and various views and a lot of lakes sea mountians and with rich history but problems of today's days is corruption lower earnings fight for more power thats why 2 milions my country will become more poor and young people dont have outlook for better life.

I hope u read all and u liked because really it was hard work
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19.10.2016, 14:36
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RE: RuthlesS App
Alright, mate, 'I have a dog three cats and sister.'

The sentence just doesn't really fit, you know? You're a cool and friendly guy to hang out with. But I really want to hear more about ' those who have no knowledge and apply for admin' and 'admins who did a wrong ban and don't deserves the rank'.

[Image: rhq1c4.jpg]
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22.10.2016, 17:00
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RE: RuthlesS App
- How you can differentiate between Desire, Necessity.
- How you will react if someone abuse you family or server?
- What are responsibility of a staff member. And why they are important?

[Image: x7Eg1r4.png]
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22.10.2016, 17:43
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RE: RuthlesS App
(22.10.2016 17:00)Dangerous Wrote:  - How you can differentiate between Desire, Necessity.
i dont know and i dont care about this because there its not relate with server forum players samp and anything
(22.10.2016 17:00)Dangerous Wrote:  - How you will react if someone abuse you family or server?
I find him and kill with deagle
(22.10.2016 17:00)Dangerous Wrote:  - What are responsibility of a staff member. And why they are important?
I thought its obvious.Admin have to check reports catch cheaters and any rulebreakers.Its important because if admin will do not their job good players cant normall play with cheaters which destroy his fun
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29.10.2016, 19:54
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RE: RuthlesS App
[Image: logo.jpg]
After discussion between Managment members and consideration of staff replies. We are happy to inform that your
application is ACCEPTED for Trail Moderator position.

You have successfully pass the first phase of process. Please complete following steps to
finalize it.

  • Contact any Level3+ staff member In-Game for IG rank.
  • PM Xaker for your forum rank.

Now onward you are abide by law of SAMPDM Staff.
Quote:You cant disclose any secret of Staff and its process.
You cant abuse/mis-behave with any player/staff.
You have to give priority to staff work over you game play...etc

Management Team

"You're much shorter than my mom."
"Brat," she said, surprised into a giggle.
"That's no way to talk to a vampire."
"Bloodsucking brat."
"Better" he said.
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