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[ACCEPTED] Home Sweet Home
22.10.2016, 04:37 (This post was last modified: 14.11.2016 03:11 by ToXi.)
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Home Sweet Home
In-Game Name:Rubin_Kelsun
Timezone (GMT):+6.00
How long ago did you resign from the staff team?:About 5 month
Have you ever been warned or banned in-game? since resigning from the staff team? If so, explain why:No
Have you recently been forum warned or banned? If so, why (last 2 months):No
Do you understand that you can be removed from the admin team at anytime with or without notice Could you repeat that?I understand
Have you ever been reported on the forums or in-game:Yes, some misunderstanding
Why did you choose to resign from the staff team? (50 words min.):Alright , as you can see my age. I'm still a student currently studying for national exam few month ago , i resign from the staff team because i need to score well in my exam for a better class next year. But now , exam is over , I'm loitering around indoor and outdoor without parents' bothering.
Why do you wish to reinstate? (50 word min.):Yesterday , I joined the game and found couple of hackers ruining the game and some abusers such as esc abuse to avoid death or abusing vote kick with votekicking player for a invalid / Bullshit reason like a new player who speak Russian been kicked for speaking russian.Other than that I also miss some of those old staff and my meaningful/beautiful memories with them.
Do you wish to be re-instated as an admin (please only include if you were previously an admin/mod on SAMPDM)Yes , I was Administrator back in old days.

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22.10.2016, 04:47
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RE: Home Sweet Home
Dear Old Member of the community due to the new policies of the staff reinstatements for your explendid job done before as a member of the staff team your Reinstatement has been:
Contact Any Manager in game to set your in game rank We spec you to do your splendid job as you did before.

Regards, Sampdm Management Team.


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