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[ACCEPTED] Staff App [SOU]deividt[SS]
10.11.2016, 21:22 (This post was last modified: 11.11.2016 14:46 by Deividt.)
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Staff App [SOU]deividt[SS]
- In-Game Name:

- Country:

- Timezone (GMT):
05:00 (GMT)

- Age:
18 Years Old

- Which server(s) do you play on:
I only play on the firts server because this is unique server that I consider fun

- Rate your activity (1-10):

- Rate your English (1-10):
8/10 I guess Smile

- How long have you been a part of the Community:
2 or 3 months

- List of the previous names you have used:
deividt123, [SOU]deividt123 and actually I've the name of [SOU]deividt[SS]

- Have you ever been banned before? If so, explain why:
I was banned before when I did a kamikase abouse and I got a ban of 5 hours but no more (I explained it on my clan application to, the point is be honest)

- What timezone you are active?(Time Zones are mentioned below):
The GMT -0 TO GMT -6
Some times I can play more. One day I was in server since 3pm to 11pm(Local Ecuador Hour), Now I can stay only since 3pm to 10pm sometimes less time, but it isn't a long time (only 1 or 2 hours less) However I spent 5-7 hours on the server.

- Tell us a little bit about yourself (100 words min.):
Well, I'm a guy with a normal family, with a normal life that play videogames for fun, but my life is a little interesting. I'm a producer of EDM (Electro Dance Music) I do whatever subgenre that I want to produce But I only do Music On fridays or saturdays for two things the school (I'm in the last year And I want to pass it without problems) but the school for me is easy to pass and I don't spend a lot of time on it.The other thing That I don't do music is because I'm playing on the server (I love this server because I played one of this server when I was a child) When I was 12 I played on server like CTU (Counter Terrorits Unit), Zombie Appocalyse (One of this kind of server, In my time there was a 4 servers or more of ZA), Guerra de Pandillas (a latin server) and more that I don't remember, And I think is all about me I guess.

- Why do you want to become an administrator? (100 words min.):
I want to become a admin only for one thing, I want to clear the server when it have hackers, when I'm playing the server usually Have a lot of hackers, In the past (2 weeks ago) we had an Admin that was very very active but I don't know what happened with him. And I and others players that are normal people Only have the "Votekick" CMD it works very well but the hackers come back one and other time to server and I'm so tired of this. I want to see all the hackers banned of the server, I want to play in peace with others also when I'm active I see some rulebreakers that are asking for exp, are insulting others players and more. Like I said, I tired of it.

- Why should you be picked above all other applicants? (100 words min.):
Well, one of my characteristics is be humble but it doen't mean that I don't have any ambition I belive that I should be picked above other applicants because I can stay more time on server that other can't do it, also I consider me a mature person it doen't mean that I'm not funny but when I have a work (in this case like an admin), I work with seriousness because I think It isn't a work for a kid or for a person that think it is a joke. Other of my characteristics is be responsable when I was a admin On CTU (actually no because the server die)I was working a consirerable part of time, and that give me so fast a promotion (Admin lvl 2). And that is everything that I think I should be picked above others applicants.

- Are you an admin on (any) other server(s):
like I said actually no.

- Are you aware of the dark side of being a staff member:
Yes, with a kind of this work comes more responsability

Stats Screenshot (/stats):
[Image: wnlLED.jpg]
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12.11.2016, 00:20
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RE: Staff App [SOU]deividt[SS]
Today We had a good conversation in game, anyways You are mature and responsible and you deserve to be supported.

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[Image: 0nXjwG4.png?1]
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12.11.2016, 00:36
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RE: Staff App [SOU]deividt[SS]
(12.11.2016 00:20).SnapPy. Wrote:  Today We had a good conversation in game, anyways You are mature and responsible and you deserve to be supported.

I am very grateful bro ty Smile
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19.11.2016, 22:29
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RE: Staff App [SOU]deividt[SS]
After reading through your application and taking the time to evaluate you ingame, we have decided that you will be GIVEN the chance to show your techniques and expertise as a Trial Moderator.
Don't dissapoint us and use this chance wisely.

Yours truly,
SAMPDM Management Team.


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