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27.11.2016, 05:27 (This post was last modified: 27.11.2016 05:27 by Umbrella.)
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Bug IG.
Bug Description: when you use /duel you can't lose your Killstreaks.
What does the bug do?: /duel bug with KS.
Explain how that bug affect the server: some players abuse this bug everyday to avoid lose high KS,I think this bug is not allowed.
Proofs/Screenshot of the reported bug: none.

Rainbow can you check this bug IG,please?
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29.11.2016, 10:20
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RE: Bug IG.
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29.11.2016, 12:59
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RE: Bug IG.
(29.11.2016 10:20)Rainbow Wrote:  Accepted.
i suggest "when you use /duel command when you are human you will lose your ks and when you use /duel comand while you are zombie you keep your ks

[Image: 332owpd.jpg]
[Image: tXvnAIF.png]
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