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[ACCEPTED] [SekC]Alyssa's Moderator Application #3
02.12.2016, 09:29 (This post was last modified: 04.12.2016 19:04 by Nightmare.)
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[SekC]Alyssa's Moderator Application #3
- In-Game Name:[SekC]Alyssa

- Country:Philippines

- Timezone (GMT):GMT+8

- Age: 14

- Which server(s) do you play on: First server, sometimes the 2nd.

- Rate your activity (1-10): 8/10

- Rate your English (1-10): 8/10

- How long have you been a part of the Community:Since March 2015

- List of the previous names you have used:Asignal.Comeng [SekC]A.C [SekC]Ant.Comeng [SekC]Ant

- Have you ever been banned before? If so, explain why: If the ban was serious then no, I was only banned for Jetpack Hack because Nightmare and I are having fun together but he gave me a temporary Trial Mod for 3 mins, cause I said I want to fly but he made it seriously.Then I when I was using jetpack, he removed it and I got the Anti Hack ban, but Nightmare unbanned me.If the ban counts before the update, then I was banned for SD only for 2 times but that was myself then and now I want to make a change.

- What timezone you are active?(Time Zones are mentioned below):GMT+6-12, I am also active in the morning of west timezone which is GMT -5-0 and also in the morning, and afternoon of GMT +5 - 0. That which there are alot of players in -5-0 and few players in +5-12.

- Tell us a little bit about yourself (100 words min.):Hello! My name is Noel A.K.A "Asignal", or in IG name is Alyssa. I am a high school student, great in Science and Math, sometimes drawing. My passion is to draw always, my dream is to become an architect, sometimes I want to present you guys some of my animations but I can't put it. I live in the Philippines, Bulacan Province. My whole life is great, because my family is good at something, for example, I am great at drawing,Math and Science. That is the uniqueness of my family. I always want to improve something in life, like a paper, I really want to improve it and make it more useful to people.I like watching Animes and Gameplays from Youtube because they entertained me and inspired me, example is the song All the Way by Jacksepticeye, inspiring.
The thing I got into playing this server is by my brother because he showed me that GTA: SA is the first game to have a multiplayer, so I was interested and I played. I'm not the usual gamer who is very addicted, raging at people and cussing them, I'm a type of gamer who likes to socialize, fix problems and teach them the right way with wise words but I wasn't like this last year, but this 2016 changed my whole life because my brother give me the real happiness in life which is connecting to God and using his words in doing hobbies like I'm doing, creating peace and joy.

- Why do you want to become an administrator? (100 words min.):I want to be administrator because every day sometimes, in between 1pm-5pm, sometimes having admins and sometimes not. this timezone is the nighttime version of the West zone of the Earth which a lot of people are playing compared to the Eastern zone of the Earth. I want become one because sometimes, I saw players with 0 - 20,000XP doing ridiculous things like SD,SC,AB, SH, Aimbot and Etc. I also want to "ask" those players who rule break everyday doing things like; cursing them, blackmailing them, TA, scamming them, doing SD,SC and discriminating people and destroying their reputation as a person. I can be a type of admin who is very kind and helpful, I always look over to the chat and seeing negative things like "./.","fcku",using caps, flooding,advertising. You could see me saying "behave, don't caps" and always using report, because I want to make sure everyone in the server is playing fairly.I may not promise you that I can execute all rule breakers, cheaters, etc.. within my reach. But the only thing I can assure you is that I will do my greatest in this job.

- Why should you be picked above all other applicants? (100 words min.):I think I should be picked because I want to do my greatest work in the server, doing the obligation and law of the server, helping players on what to do in the server and what is the role of each classes. I think every applicants are great in doing their jobs, but what is missing is their activity, maturity, and sociability in game. An admin must be sociable and talk to people and help others like Nightmare, Badluck, Reus, Snappy,Eduardof, Casino, Rubin and Universe. They are great examples of being friendly and sociable admins. The only thing you need to pick me is because others are sometimes impatient, power hungry, always tagging people because those are the traits of an immature player. Like one wise one said, you have to be acknowledged and respected by everyone in order to become a leader, you can't be a leader if you just want to be acknowledged and respected by everyone. This "leader" is the admin, you cannot become one if you are not sociable, not acknowledged, impatient and power hungry.

- Are you an admin on (any) other server(s): No

- Are you aware of the dark side of being a staff member: Yes

Stats Screenshot (/stats):[Image: cBhXz37.png]

[Image: e8VpNaK.png]
I'm doing a novel series.
Code of Miracles!
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02.12.2016, 10:03
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RE: [SekC]Alyssa's Moderator Application #3
+1 i see him all the time IG ,mature,have experience +1 from me

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02.12.2016, 11:36
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RE: [SekC]Alyssa's Moderator Application #3
- experienced
- active

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03.12.2016, 07:52
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RE: [SekC]Alyssa's Moderator Application #3
Thanks for the support!

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I'm doing a novel series.
Code of Miracles!
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03.12.2016, 10:13 (This post was last modified: 03.12.2016 10:13 by Nightmare.)
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RE: [SekC]Alyssa's Moderator Application #3
Freakin support Cool

Lol I thought you were 15 btw
Doesn't matter anyways

"You're much shorter than my mom."
"Brat," she said, surprised into a giggle.
"That's no way to talk to a vampire."
"Bloodsucking brat."
"Better" he said.
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03.12.2016, 10:40
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RE: [SekC]Alyssa's Moderator Application #3
Support Cool
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03.12.2016, 14:54
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RE: [SekC]Alyssa's Moderator Application #3
Support for this noob, why?
1) He's mature
2) experienced
3) knows rules
4) old player
5) noob of the server Cool

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04.12.2016, 00:03
Post: #8
RE: [SekC]Alyssa's Moderator Application #3
Da noob :/ that's should be an achievement!

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I'm doing a novel series.
Code of Miracles!
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04.12.2016, 05:56
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RE: [SekC]Alyssa's Moderator Application #3
You took my bae, so i do not support you Angry. Second, you're ant. An ant can't be an admin.
Spoiler :
Gotcha Cool . It's a joke. By the way, you deserve this rank. Support!

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04.12.2016, 12:24
Post: #10
RE: [SekC]Alyssa's Moderator Application #3
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