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[PENDING - Poster] [dF].RedEyes application again - update
08.12.2016, 13:55
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[dF].RedEyes application again - update
1- In-Game Name: [dF]RedEyes

2- Country: VietNamese

3- Timezone (GMT): +6-7

4- Age: 15
5- Which server(s)do you play on : both servers .

6- Rate your activity (1-10): 7 school

7- Rate your English (1-10):8/10

8- How long have you been a part of the Community:i think 4 mont

9- List of the previous names you have used: Red_Eyes , GodOf_Lights , [dF]RedEyes

10- Have you ever been banned before? If so, explain why: abuse demon , banned by [dF]BlueEyes

11- What timezone you are active?(Time Zones are mentioned below): when not in school, i play to 11:00 to 12:00, when the players have to go to school , i play 6 hours - 7 hours

12- Tell us a little bit about yourself (100 words minI am Huy, with ordinary families, students in grades 9 and love playing games and sleeping, I learned very pretty (maybe I do not want to learn), one day, I found out and saw one server samp zombie I played it, I feel very happy to play this server, I found the people in the class is also playing this server, they praise me or play, so I continued, but one day the family asked me to travel to learn about the history of the country and the new scientific equipment, so I have some time away from this server, when I get the better of their learning.

13- Why do you want to become an administrator? (100 words min.): during the 4 months I play server, I see more people who commit specified in law, who has 50000 xp can votekick them, but had to wait 1 votekick long time, there was no online admin can not kick them and one day, I saw one who hacked out the server, which is to wait votekick then again no one admin is online, the remaining time one human (the other human hacked offensive weapons should die ), the reason I'm alive is because I used to run very fast Runner, and zombies are not attacking me, the most critical time, an appearance admin and banned member hack
Therefore, I hereby apply for admin...

14- Why should you be picked above all other applicants? (100 words min) :
Yes, because I am a person with long experience in server 2 so I can manage my online and more.
I found out many members but members Admin server is not online, but votekick must wait, while the other has used votekick personal revenge (this problem occurs very little), and again: there are a number of admin or banned unfairly, or personal revenge and also one of votekick senior admin computer has solved this problem, also a member server offense, nobody detected this action, and I can be online much , should be able to detect - processing

15- Are you an admin on (any) other server(s): nope

16-Are you aware of the dark side of being a staff member:yes
your stats : [Image: sa-mp-0005dcda.png]
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08.12.2016, 18:52
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RE: [dF].RedEyes application again - update
You have another mod application man, don't make multiple threads, you have "EDIT" button just press on it, someone close this, you have another.

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08.12.2016, 23:53
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RE: [dF].RedEyes application again - update
Closed , do as reus says.

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