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[DENIED] hello
15.12.2016, 13:53
Post: #1
In-Game Name: Wifii
Country: maroc.
Timezone (GMT): + 0
Rate your activity (1-10): 9 / 10.
Rate your English (1-10): 8 / 10
Length of time on server: 369 hours / 1 year +.

Have you ever been banned before? If so, explain why:
Yes on 72 hours. Reason: abuse /votekick.

Tell us a little bit about yourself (50 words min.):
My name is Dmitry. Born and live in Ukraine.I study in college I want to be a programmer and designer. Tongue
But so far only a programmer.Also, I want to tell you about my name, and what it means. Dmitry like most Slavic names comes from the ancient gods. My name is in honor of Demeter, goddess of fertility. I love to paint, here's my recent work:

Why do you want to become an administrator? (100 words min.):
Playing on the server I have often noticed cheaters.
It even seems that every day they became more and more, but the administration goes in reverse.
I infrequently seen Administration, it is not surprising, I have a different time zone. At that time, while you sleep, they go to the server and start use cheats. Second reason, the administrator must always be on the network to help the players. Especially for new players who have just arrived and do not understand anything.
And they are many. A lot of beginners often violate the rules because of their ignorance of.
Maybe I can also help with the server. I have experience working with RP servers.
I wrote supplement to him nearly 1.5 years. So, if you need help - I can help.

Why should you be picked above all other applicants? (100 words min.):
The answer to this question is obvious to me.The server has a large number of administrations, but he has no Russian-speaking administrators. I have often created the posts on the topic 'Insults' and so it is. Russian players can afford to offend other players and administration. In response to this - they do not get anything. And they continue to do so.
The server has a large number of rulebreakers. For 1 day only in chat spam more than 100 text messages: he OOM, he SC, he SK, etc.
When an experienced player kicked from server of the rulebreaker - they are puzzled and wrote that he is an idiot (Rus). I also laid out the screenshot on this theme.

[Image: giphy.gif]
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15.12.2016, 14:30
Post: #2
RE: hello
Wrong section,and for sure you have been unbanned just yesterday you cant aply to fast like that
Nightmare move this

[Image: 332owpd.jpg]
[Image: tXvnAIF.png]
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15.12.2016, 17:09
Post: #3
RE: hello
lul, my old app. >_________________<
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15.12.2016, 18:56
Post: #4
RE: hello
Wifii Wrote:Country: maroc.
Wifii Wrote:My name is Dmitry. Born and live in Ukraine.
[Image: 1x] that itself is a clear example of copying another application.
Denied of course.


[Image: 57822c19e1ad1.png]
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