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15.12.2016, 16:56 (This post was last modified: 30.12.2016 19:36 by ]ShekerFC.)
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[b]InGame name:[Op].FearKing.[DM]
[b]Date & Time of the incident:10 of december to the 2:30 PM
[b]What do you want refunded?:My XP 85k
[b]How did you lose this item?:
He was announcing "who buys VIP" and I told him I bought a gold and he bought it, he asked him 85k for gold and then he said he did not know how to buy vip gold so several players explained how to buy it but he did not know It was the server
That's what the VIP sold me

More evidence:http://imgur.com/a/MCDi8
My XP before paying

More evidence: http://imgur.com/a/o4Ikf
My XP after paying you

Account ID:50777
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16.12.2016, 16:40
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RE: Reimbursement
He didn't give you the exp back?

"You're much shorter than my mom."
"Brat," she said, surprised into a giggle.
"That's no way to talk to a vampire."
"Bloodsucking brat."
"Better" he said.
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18.12.2016, 07:12 (This post was last modified: 18.12.2016 07:17 by ]ShekerFC.)
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RE: Reimbursement

I left the derby I think

I left the server I think***
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02.01.2017, 19:58
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RE: @[1]

[Image: 40UxKSy.png]
[Image: 0nXjwG4.png?1]
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