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Refund request
17.12.2016, 11:38
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Refund request
In-Game name:Navy
Type of refunding:EXP
Date and time of loss: /
What happened: I was playing on 2nd server for along time and somehow ppl who was playing on there stopped so i started playing on 1st server since it has more active players but i spent lots of time on 2nd server and it would be good if i could transfer 2nd server exp to 1st server.

What and/or how much do you need refunded: [Image: 2iszh2d.png]
Other notes: I asked other players about it and they told me to make a refund request for it so i did it, it would be very good if 2nd server exp added on my 1st server account because i've spent lots of time on 2nd server and i like zombie apocalypse server generally so please add my score to my first server account: Navy if its possible.
Thanks : )
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17.12.2016, 14:27
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RE: Refund request
I don't know about this, there's no rule that we can transfer XP from 2nd server to here.

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18.12.2016, 11:32 (This post was last modified: 18.12.2016 12:14 by Irex78.)
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RE: Refund request
Comon pls can't you guys do it for once, i spent lots of time on 2nd server making that xp and now noone plays on it, both server owned by this group and i really like playing on this servers but it makes me mad when i started from 0 again, i know they are different servers but 2nd one is dead, noone plays and i cant go on there playing alone lol, 1st server is alive,crowded and i have lots of fun on there, at the moment i have 28k on 1st server and it would be very good if you guys add 2nd server point to there pls do me a favor once : )
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18.12.2016, 19:09
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RE: Refund request
You spend less than a week there of playing -168 hours=week it's not that much of time
And no we cant do this because if we trsnfare your xp other players will ask for this if we do this for you we must do this for every one so the answer is no

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02.01.2017, 19:59
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RE: Refund request

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