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Old User CrystalFire
17.12.2016, 16:45
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Old User CrystalFire
Hello my in-game name is CrystalFire and my real name is Sammy. I want to ask if you will be able to refund my XP. I stopped playing on this server because my computer broke and now I got this new laptop. I just remembered again about this server and I wanted to play again, so I found Zombie Apocalypse Server again and I joined with my old account information but it made me register for a new account. I've started playing on this server more than a year ago if I can remember and I had lots of XP. I don't remember exactly how much XP I had before, but I had enough to play the Mi7 and the Firemaniac class. I have no screenshot or proof that I had this much XP because my computer broke so I hope you will just be able to take my word for it. Thanks For Reading Have a Good Day
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17.12.2016, 16:49
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RE: Old User CrystalFire
Few month ago , server had reset. So , everyone start with zero

[Image: q3Bbpnc.jpg]
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02.01.2017, 19:58
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RE: Old User CrystalFire

[Image: 40UxKSy.png]
[Image: 0nXjwG4.png?1]
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