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[MUST READ] New Forums & Posting Policy.
20.12.2016, 07:52 (This post was last modified: 07.04.2017 19:18 by Mohammed.)
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New Forums & Posting Policy.
[Image: ZOGDhPW.jpg]
New Policy For Forums:

The rules apply everywhere and should always be followed, and since we Managment Team of SAMPDM have seen many users/admins breaking the rules constantly without learning, We decided to make it clear for new registered forum users also for some admins.

General Forum Policy:

Do not post where you don't have premissions: You are not allowed to post in the stated sections

Ban appeals: If you were not banned it means you don't have the permission to post in that section, if were caught posting there, a harsher action will be taken against that user instantly, However if you have some proofs can help admins feel free to post.

Admin applications & Staff Reinstatments: You are not allowed to post there at all, also Staff members Must give proper reply, if you were caught against the rules, A very harsh action will be taken.

Player Complaint: Same as ban appeals, if you don't have a screen shot or a Video to post, You will be punished with a very harsh punishment

Refund request: You are not allowed to post there without permissions or an evidence can help Managers to solve a somthing

Staff complaint: Same as refund request section

Bug report: You not allowed to say nonsense word there just to raise your post count, we don't want to see sentences like i agree with or please fix this bug as soon as possible....ect

Suggestions: If you are going to support some suggestion you are welcome, But makesure that you are not allowed to make troubles or give a -1 just because you hate that user, If you wanna give a -1 or +1 you need to show the reasons, also i see many users say i'm neutral just to raise his posts number, Dude you're not allowed to post i'm neutral, If you want to be neutral don't post and it's over, we will consider it as useless reply so be careful.

Mapping Submissions: same as suggestions section policy

Forum Specific Rules:

Reputation:- Just because someone gives you negative reputation (-rep) does not mean that they are abusing. The vast majority of people complaining that they lost reputation simply don't understand that the person didn't like what they said, and expressed that dislike in a perfectly fine manner.
-Do NOT solicit other members for the sole purpose of asking for rep. This is considered "begging" and a form of harassment. If people want to give you rep, they will. Otherwise, don't ask.

Reporting Rulebreakers: If you notice a forum member who is breaking those rules, please report it by clicking on the Report Post button [Image: UDKIhYa.gif] ,As mentioned above, DO NOT post in the topic stating that you think there is a rule violation going on. For one thing, you are not a moderator so even if you're right YOUR post is off-topic and thus also breaking rules

No Double Posting: There is a modify button [Image: 6eP5yGv.gif], use it and don't create another thread and avoid to bump your topic.

English Only: The main bulk of the forums are English only, certain other languages have their own specific sections.

Offensive Language: Do not insult, curse at, tease, or make offensive comments towards other members. This includes reputation messages, we can see who sent what.

Don't Stir Up Arguments: Do not post religious, political or other controversial threads purely designed to cause arguments. Additionally do not "troll" other forum members in an attempt to anger them. Similarly, report trolls and do not respond to them.

Credits to BlacKitten & Authorized by Management Team

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20.12.2016, 21:31
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RE: New Forums & Posting Policy.
Closed , deleted reply's and sticked.

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20.02.2017, 20:55 (This post was last modified: 20.02.2017 23:01 by Mohammed.)
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RE: New Forums & Posting Policy.
Now a days i see allot of poeple reply in ban appeals & player complaints and when i ask them they tell me we are saying something useful, therefor i would announce that Normal players cannot post there anymore even if they got useful informations, However there is only one way to let them reply there, which is having an important Screen shot of some player or admins or bug or whatever, So any reply without a screen shot will be considered as useless reply.

~Thanks for reading
~Regards Management Team

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07.04.2017, 20:35
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RE: New Forums & Posting Policy.
New replying policy (for suggestions section) decided by Rainbow http://sampdm.net/announcements.php?aid=10 Read to avoid get punished.

Management Team.

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